Are you a writer, a poet or just a creative person who is good with words? Then you may be interested in taking  Hope Spring charity  Christmas eCards new verses challenge.   The challenge was organised by books website  Discover New Books.  The challenge was to raise awareness of the work of Hope Spring charity, have a bit of fun and see if someone can come up with new creative  words to send Christmas greetings other than the same old words used on Christmas cards. 

 Discover New Books, a fast-growing book website, announced a creative Christmas-related event tagged “Christmas Verses Challenge” to support Hope Spring Charity in alleviating “water poverty” in communities across West Africa.

The announcement, which was made on their website and subsequently shared across their social media pages, calls on poets, authors and creatives to showcase their writing and rhyming skills by sending in Christmas verses that can go on Christmas cards, to be added to Hope Spring eCards Charity Christmas eCards collection. 

Speaking on this initiative, Discover New Books Spokesperson, Mr Wasiu Olajide said “we have been planning the Christmas Verses Challenge since July and when we recently made it known to the general public we are glad to know that the literary world is as excited about the idea as we are.” 

Mr Olajide, who is also the webmaster of the book website added that “I was having this random discussion with a colleague when he tapped me and said ‘hey dude, we send ecards and do book promotion, what about doing some fundraising with these fantastic writers we get to communicate with regularly.’  The Christmas Verses Challenge was conceived that day. We have contacted the ecards house to make our intention known and they welcome it with open arms.”

Hope Spring eCards offers ecards for various occasions among which is Christmas. Naturally, the Christmas ecards mostly carry commonplace greetings and wishes. Though this does not diminish the creativity and thoughtfulness that went into designing the ecards, fresh and new verses on them from “Christmas Verses Challenge ” could only make them more exciting. While acknowledging this benefit, The Hope Spring eCard manager, Mr Evgeniy Gargaviy said “Christmas Verses Challenge gives us much excitement and we hope it achieves its purpose. We have made the necessary arrangements to accommodate and incorporate the new elements into our ecards.”

Do you fancy taking part in the challenge? Then visit Hope Spring eCards website or for more information.