The greetings ecard platform of an Hereford-based charity, Hope Spring Water, launched a new collection of St. Patrick’s Day ecards and they are currently available on their uk ecards website. The announcement was made on their ecard twitter’s page today 14th March, exactly three days before this year’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration. 

The designs of the new collection of ecards draw from several St. Patrick’s Day’s  inspirations such as shamrock, 3-leaf and 4-leaf clover, pot of luck, beer and others. The newly launched ecards collection also contains a modest sub-collection of St. Patrick’s Day video ecards whose graphics and background music perfectly convey the cheerfulness of St. Patrick’s Day atmosphere. 

While speaking on the design, one of the charity’s volunteer ecard designers, Seun Olonade said “the making of St. Patrick’s Day ecards fully utilised our collective creativeness more than any other occasions. I constantly communicated with my colleagues to show them what I thought and knew about St. Patrick’s Day most especially the traditional symbols and how we can incorporate them into Hope Spring ecard. They, in return, advised me on what to modify in a [done] ecard.” 

The young designer added that “I’m mostly confident that our ecard supporters and others that send St. Patrick’s Day ecards would find these new collections interesting and the recipients  would not only like the ecards but appreciate the thoughtfulness of the sender.”

Hope Spring, through the donation received from sending ecards on their ecard platform, dig boreholes that serve clean water to communities that have poor access to this basic necessity in West Africa. The charity also supports movements to end period poverty in developing countries among its other humanitarian activities. 


To learn more about Hope Spring projects, their ecards and more, visit their website or social media pages.