Love and passion eCards announced

Hope Spring eCards, the fundraising ecards platform set up by water poverty alleviation charity, Hope Spring has announced the launch of a new ecards today. The new collection titled “Love and passion” are ecards designed to be sent to people we love. The announcement came from their base in Hereford, Herefordshire on the 1st of September, 2021.

The new “love and passion ecard” ecard collection includes a card that can be sent by a wife to a husband or vice versa. It also includes cards to express platonic love, friendships and more.

Announcing the new love and romance ecards on Zoom, Hope Spring eCard platform manager Evgeniy Garkaviy said “we started our ecard platform with birthday ecards, we have since steadily added ecards for other occasions, today it is love and relationship themed ecards we have just added. New ecards tend to be created at the request of users, the love and romance category is not different”.

Mr Garkaviy, a long term volunteer with the charity and one of the architects of their ecard platform added that “including the love and romance ecards, we have added over 200 new ecards to our platform this year. We will use the last quarter of this year to work on our hand drawn fine arts ecards and Christmas ecards.”

Hope Spring eCards raise its revenue from donations made by supporters and others, who send ecards from the platform. Donations raised are used to fund the organisation’s clean water projects in Africa. So far, revenue raised by the ecards has helped the organisation to provide safe, clean water to thousands of people.

You can find out more information about the organisation or support them by visiting their website, social media pages or contacting them via email or a messaging platform.