As the arena celebrates Eco Week from 10 February to 18 February, TrustistTransfer, an innovator in cozy and green fee solutions, is highlighting the huge environmental impact of Bitcoin, declaring too that open banking transactions are materially more environmentally pleasant than conventional credit and debit cards.

‘The strength used to process worldwide card transactions has an annual footprint of 416,742 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Changing card payments with open banking might reduce this to 104,222 tonnes,’ explains Nigel Apperley, CEO of TrustistTransfer. ‘but, the electricity utilization of both playing cards and open banking pales into insignificance while as compared to Bitcoin usage.’

Statistics from Statista ( indicates that the energy use of just one bitcoin transaction on common is similar to numerous masses of thousands of VISA card transactions. whilst 2023 information stated that 1 bitcoin transaction required 703.25 kWh of electricity consumption, it made the evaluation that one hundred,000 VISA transactions absorbed just 148.63 kWh of energy.

‘The statistics analysed by means of TrustistTransfer highlights the huge environmental gain of the use of conventional fee cards over Bitcoin,’ feedback Nigel Apperley.

But in promoting additionally both the working fee blessings of open banking transactions together with the environmental utilization blessings, TrustistTransfer additionally highlights the benefits of open banking over playing cards, pointing out that the electricity used to method global card transactions has an annual footprint of 416,742 tonnes of CO2 emissions and replacing card payments with open banking could lessen this to 104,222 tonnes as evidenced by way of Open Banking Excellence research ( content=A)

‘As we mark Eco Week at some point of the school 1/2 term, TrustistTransfer has drawn out the comparisons’, says Nigel Apperley, ‘to showcase the cost of the environmental advantages that open banking products inclusive of the ones evolved via TrustistTransfer are delivering.’