Editorial Guidelines

Newsmakers PR distribution service

Every press release submitted to Newsmakers for distribution, is checked for compliance with guidelines suggested below.  Your press release may not be accepted for distribution, if it does not meet our quality standards. When checking press release for inclusion in Newsmakers, our editors also check to ensure press releases are newsworthy, acceptable and correctly formatted.

If you have no experience of writing press release. You may find it easy to instruct a professional copywriter to prepare you press release for you. If you are writing it yourself, here are some information to guide you.


All press releases submitted to Newsmakers must be newsworthy. Events such as announcements, competitions, company expansion, a company milestone, acquisition or merger are considered newsworthy.

and factual

Press releases must be accurate and factual. It may not contain slanderous contents or inaccurate information


All press releases must bve original and not published previously on other sites and PR distribution services


& maximum word length

A good press release should contain a minimum of 300 words (including contact information). A good press release should not exceed 1,000 words, but there is no maximum word limit.

Contact information

Up to date contact information of the individual or organisation behind the press release must be provided in the copy.


Spelling and grammatical errors

A good press release must not contain spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. It is essential that your copy is written in good grammar and free of spelling mistakes.


Standard web tags only

A press release may not contain custom codes or tags. Standard web formatting codes such as hyperlink, mailto and bold tags are acceptable.

Third person

A good press release is written in the third person. Newsmakers will not accept a copy written in the first person.

Supported file types

You may attach or embed the following file types in your press release: jpeg, jpg, png, pdf, .doc, xls and mp4.

Inform & educate

A good press release communicates a newsworthy fact or information about your business or organisation to the public. Press release must not read like and advertorial.


Unique and original

Newsmakers accepts ONLY original press release, that has not been used at any other press release distribution service.

Tell your story

A good press release must be engaging. It should tell a story using words, pictures, diagrams or video. You should write your press release carefully, ensuring it is logical and easy to read.

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