Winter solstice is the day when the sun reaches its lowest position and marks the longest night and shortest day of the year. This tends to happen on the 21st day of  December.  Because the winter solstice is so close to Christmas, it tends to be overshadowed by Christmas.  That is not a reason why this significant day should not be celebrated and commemorated. That is why Hope Spring charity ecards launched a new set of winter solstice eCards for 2021. 

Hope Spring eCards is an ecard platform of Hope Spring Water Charity and offers a wide range of ecards for various holidays and events from birthdays to anniversaries, to Mother’s Day to Valentine’s. The introduction of a new set of winter solstice ecards further enriches already vast catalogues  of the greeting ecards on the platform. 

“We are pretty excited by the new winter solstice ecards collection we have on our website this year” said Hope Spring eCard platform manager Evgeniy Garkaviy.   He added that  “we know solstices are not widely celebrated or marked, so inspiration for new card collections was thin on the ground, but our team used their collective experience to come up with a pretty impressive collection. You need to visit our website to see the depth of this year’s collection”. 

While acknowledging the benefits of the new solstice ecards, Hope Spring ecard website manager, Evgeniy Gargaviy, said “winter solstice is a very special day and deliberation about having a new ecard collection for it has started since the last celebration,  because back then we realised the present number is too modest compared to traffic we received on the  solstice page.” He added that “the duration gave us enough time to ensure that important elements and subtle messages of the winter solstice are well expressed with our designs. It is our belief the sender of our winter solstice ecards will love what they see. The recipient will also appreciate what they receive in their inbox .” 

With solstice about two weeks away and Chritsmas just four days after, the charity is looking forward to a more  “impactful” year ahead for its water poverty alleviation projects as the charity hopes for more generous donations from people that send ecards on these two important days. . 

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