Estimates predict that an inconceivable 400K facemasks could be reclaimed by the end of the wilko #reclaimthemask scheme, which is original to 966 kg of single- use plastic. 


 Early this year, the scheme was introduced to supply shoppers with a safe and innovative way to reclaim their single- use face masks. The scheme has proven veritably successful since launching in April; and has ago been until the end of 2021. Although facemasks are no longer mandatory in certain places, plenitude of masks are still being worn & getting pollutants in the terrain. Wilko guests can continue to reclaim their used facemasks at the 150 sharing stores up and down the country. Customers can indeed use the Scan2Recycle QR on the box to see the recycling process in action. 

The good news does not stop there; the#ReclaimTheMask scheme has been Shortlisted for ‘Best Environmental and Sustainability Campaign’ after being recognised by The Corporate Engagement Awards! 


 Disposable masks are made primarily from polypropylene plastic and are generally transferred directly to tips, incineration or come pollution in our aqueducts. The combined accoutrements, essence nose clips & elastic cognizance make them a complicated item to reclaim. Still, innovative recyclers ( part of can completely reclaim the masks as well as other PPE and indeed side inflow tests. 

Once collected in- store and transferred to MyGroup, the PPE waste is quarantined for 72 hours before being tattered. The shredded facemasks are mixed with other recycled plastics, hotted to 200C and pressed into solid recycled plastic boards. 


 These 100 recycled plastic boards are used as building materials, made into harbors, and some indeed come as children’s furniture and bestowed to seminaries across the UK. 

“It’s a relief to see how numerous single- use facemasks the #ReclaimTheMask scheme has diverted from the tip and the ocean. These masks are so frequently contaminating the natural terrain, but hopefully, due to the scheme’s exposure, the public is more apprehensive of how to dispose of their masks. Nothing should come at the cost of the earth. Although PPE is essential, it’s great to see people supporting safe & innovative ways to reclaim these generally hard to reclaim plastics”. -Shona Stephenson, ReWorked.

 ReWorked together with Scan2Recycle are partnered with Wilko on the scheme to insure face masks are safely reclaimed, saving tons of plastic pollution from ending up in tip or incineration. 

Since the epidemic began, there has been a violent increase in PPE pollution, but thanks to the cooperative trouble from these brands and the public, millions of single- use face masks have been diverted from contaminating the terrain. 


Source:  ReWorked