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Even if studying the humanities may be out of style, the advertising and design industries are actively seeking out candidates with a background in classics.

Why is explained by Andy Lipscombe, director of brand strategy at FreshBritain. He’s available for an interview to discuss his ideas:

“The future of the advertising profession depends on the presence of individuals who have studied the Classics. Advertising enables businesses to establish enduring connections with customers on a deeply emotional level, fostering business value. They accomplish this by narrating amazing tales.

“Telling stories causes an emotional reaction. The foundation for storytelling has always been laid by the “original stories” produced by prehistoric societies, including Aboriginal, Ancient Greek, Celtic, Norse, and everything in between. They form the human narrative algorithm and span the entire emotional gamut of the human experience.

The narratives of video games and Netflix dramas as well as Hollywood blockbusters and other media are all retellings of these legends. These are the central narratives that emotionally bind us and are deeply ingrained in our DNA.

“A person who studies Classics learns and comprehends these historical tales better than anyone else. They assist brands in telling their own versions of them by working in advertising and design, translating and reinterpreting them for today’s world.

These historical tales may not be well-known to consumers, yet we all recognize and are moved by them because they connect with us on a profoundly cellular, evolutionary level.

“You lose the potential to forge emotional bonds that produce alluring, addicting, potent brands if there aren’t enough people entering the creative sectors who are conversant in and proficient in these ancient tales.

“For reference, English has dropped from being the most popular A level topic to today’s top ten in just ten years. The future is equally bleak for modern languages, while Classics is essentially dead as a study subject. The humanities are falling behind STEM according to enrollment statistics for several university courses; Rishi Sunak’s drum-beating for math definitely didn’t help.