The Sons of Scotland collection’s Cambusbarron and Stoneywood whisky ranges have been released by Stirling Distillery, which is located in the shadow of Stirling Castle.

Since 2021, the limited-edition Cambusbarron whisky has been stored at the distillery’s bonded warehouse after being re-casked from a 2020 new-make lowland whisky. In January 2023, it was decanted and divided into three distinct quarter casks. From the most recent lowland cask, there are only 50 bottles left, and supply is exceedingly low.

A 1⁄4 sherry barrel was used for the first of the three cask releases. The whisky has developed an alluring rich dark color in the short time it has been in the cask, but its smooth, rich sherry flavor characteristics are what really stand out-exhibiting qualities of a whisky from a sherry barrel that is much older. The whisky is tasting noticeably more mature than its three years, according to early tastings, which have been exceedingly favourable.

The third Cambusbarron bottling is this one. Every cask was distinct and had its own flavor.

The most recent Stoneywood release is made up of 250 bottles from a nine-year-old Orkney Bordeaux Barrique (white wine) cask. Caramel and melting milk chocolate may be detected in the aroma, which has a protracted warming finish. This comes after the last Stoneywood release, which was made from a red wine cask and was made in 2022. Their most recent Arngibbon whisky from Speyside release was bottled in June 2023 and made available online and in stores, but it quickly ran out.

This is the first time the distillery has had the option to re-cask alcohol since the distillery introduced their Sons of Scotland independent bottling brand in 2020, and demand has been great. The new lines represent a significant improvement in the distillery’s whisky selection. They draw attention to the distillery’s transition from gin manufacturing alone to whisky production. For the first time since the original Stirling Distillery shut its doors in 1852, the distillery is bringing whisky back to the city with the start of its new-make whisky production.

Cameron McCann, co-founder of the distillery, enjoys choosing casks from all throughout Scotland for their Sons of Scotland line since he is a passionate supporter of Scottish whisky. When discussing his passion of whisky, Cameron, who is now in his third decade in the business, said, “Whenever you have a whisky in your hand, you’re holding a tale in a glass. This is also true of our Sons of Scotland line. We deliberately chose casks rich in flavor and history.

The distillery has already sold all of its private casks for 2023 due to the overwhelming interest in these sales. For 2024, pre-order requests are already being accepted. For additional information, anyone interested should go to the distillery’s website at

King James whisky and Cask Club from Stirling Distillery continue this tradition of showcasing the rich history and mythology of the well-known Scottish city through their product line.