It’s that point of year wherein now greater than ever, curiosities rise approximately haunted places across the United Kingdom, with activities and visits taking area, too. Just in time for Halloween, SDL Property Auctions have set their sights on valuing some of the most haunted residences throughout the United Kingdom.

Chillingham Castle, Northumberland

Chilling using call… chilling using nature. With origins relationship back to the twelfth century, Chillingham Castle is one of England’s most haunted castles. well-known and famous for action and battles, it’s a Grade 1 megastar-indexed stronghold. The architectural information of the fortress has remained identical over all of the years. whole with a dungeon, a medieval courtyard, and a nevertheless room this is home to the portrayal of the haunting witch…

We estimate this fortress to be well worth something along the lines of £132m.

Hampton Court Palace, Richmond

Famously called the house of Henry VIII. Hampton Court Palace is traditionally haunted, with ghost tales told via Victorians. It’s stated to be domestic to several phantoms, consisting of a screaming queen, a grey girl, and a person in a mask. Of course, it’s a huge asset, with “The King’s Apartments”, “The Chapel Royal”, “The Outstanding Watching Chamber” and “The Super Kitchens” all standout regions within.

Henry VIII devoted Hampton Courtroom Palace to “delight, celebration, and ostentatious show”… and in 2023, we estimate that its cost is around £1.32bn.

Ye Olde Starre Inne, York

York’s oldest licensed resort, constructed in 1644 was used throughout the English Civil Conflict as a medical institution and mortuary for infantrymen. With this being said, there were reports of ghostly soldier sightings and even a couple of black cats who occupied the house 300 years in the past. inside the centuries that it’s stood, it’s had a few extensions and in 1954, it has become grade II listed.

while in 1662, it changed into sold for £250 to Edward Thompson (sure, £250!), we estimate that now, it’s probably really worth around £5m.

Whitby Abbey

An iconic British landmark, Whitby Abbey was first founded in around 657 adverts, but these days, we’re used to seeing its fantastic Gothic ruins towering into the skyline. With a heritage that dates back over a thousand years, it’s no marvel that this land is home to some hauntings! And now not forgetting the foundation for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, too. In 2022, it was voted the fifth maximum haunted vicinity in the UK.

Even though it’s now a ruin, we still suppose that Whitby Abbey may be worth around £10m.

Tower of London

Ultimately, arguably the most 9aaf3f374c58e8c9dcdd1ebf10256fa5 haunted assets inside the United Kingdom, the Tower of London, which was based in 1066. through the years, it has seen numerous executions and is said to be home to thirteen ghosts, together with Guy Fawkes.

We believe the Tower of London may be available at around a whopping £85bn.

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