Personalised video specialists, vCreate, today announce a new funding initiative aimed at ensuring that all 200 UK neonatal networks are equipped with personalised video by 2018. According to Bliss, the UK’s special care baby charity; over 90,000 babies are admitted to neonatal care in the UK because they have either been born prematurely, or full term but sick.

The decision to look for corporate sponsors to fund the provision of secure video within neonatal units will make technology, that would have previously been out of reach due to unavailable budget, accessible for the wider neonatal community.

Ben Moore, founder of vCreate, explains why he believes this innovative approach to funding will make all the difference: “It’s clear from our discussions with medics that digital technology such as this has huge potential to transform the way services are delivered across the NHS. Delays or lack of central funding can leave the people who deliver the care hamstrung; there’s a proven case for a solution, a need for change, but budget for such initiatives isn’t readily available.”

The team at vCreate is in search of corporate sponsors to fund instances of vCreate by neonatal region. With vCreate, staff are able to send short videos of babies to parents when they are away from this hospital. Ben added: “We’ve already seen how secure video is enhancing patient care following the successful pilot programme at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow, and there’s been widespread media and public interest in the project.”

Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow, is the first in the UK to trial vCreate in their neonatal unit.

Neil Patel, Consultant Neonatologist, explains how vCreate is supporting mums and dads through what can be an extremely stressful time: “The idea originally came from a parent of one of our patients. He uses personalised video in his work to connect with clients and asked if we could send him video updates of his own baby. We then asked more families who all told us there is nothing more reassuring than actually seeing their baby. It’s a personalised video platform that makes it quick and simple to create a video which can then be securely accessed by the baby’s parents on any device at any time.”

vCreate believes that the funding proposition delivers for both the public and private sectors. The public sector gains innovative video technology when they need it, and private sector sponsors have the opportunity to support families of premature babies.

As part of the sponsorship package, corporate sponsors can expect to see their company logo across the vCreate application which would be seen by the parents logging in to watch the videos; plus, media coverage across multiple channels, and positive brand and CSR association.

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