How can you give a present to that important person which is totally unique? 

That no one else has … 

How can you give someone a gift that’s completely personal and meaningful? 

Luckily for you, there’s how.

You can give them a beautiful painting of their own signature. 

Signed99 is a new and truly exclusive venture from UK- based artist Steve Porter, that comprises 99 commissions to paint spectacular double- portraits of customers’ autographs. 

There’s still just time for commissions to be taken and delivered in time for Christmas. 

“ These artworks are all about helping people feel good about themselves, affirming their place in the world,” said Steve, “ and autographs are like our own particular logo, our individual branding.” 

Each exquisite Signed99 signature portrait is carefully made upon top quality deep- edged canvas, with its unique Signed99 number (01-99) proudly displayed upon both sides. Clients’ signatures are recreated doubly upon the face to produce a beautiful aesthetic balance across the artwork. 

The lines that make up the signature are circled by swirling textured marks, as Steve’s brushes respond intuitively and instinctively to the shapes that comprise each individual name. This texturing creates a large amount of shadow effects through an horizonless diverseness of lighting conditions. 

“ The textures add movement to the artwork,” said Steve. “ And time, which is pivotal in giving a piece of life.” 

The edges of every canvas face are enclosed by a border of bright incorporating colours, juxtaposing the ultra-cool monochrome on the main face. The colours are placed to represent the isolated depths of our characters, both conscious and unconscious. Just like a traditional portrait. 

Every commission is undertaken by Steve Porter personally with the degrees of meticulosity and attention you would anticipate for such a luxuriously unique creation. 

 All of Steve’s experience and expertise go into every one of the thousands of subtle marks that combine gloriously within every portrait. 

The standard size of each Signed99 commission is a bravely pronounced 3’/ 4’ (91cm/ 122 cm), still commissions can be made to any scale, be it larger or smaller, according to customers’ specific conditions. Steve is available to liaise closely with clients throughout the process. 

“ I just love painting,” said Steve. “ There’s a picture of me as a kid on the website, painting. I ’ve always felt the same. I ’m still that boy.” 

As well as being a celebration of the “ now” and endorsing our individualism, Signed99 signature portraits also produce a veritably personal heirloom for coming generations, encapsulating the narratives of our lives, urging recollections and keeping our histories alive. 

Give someone the gift of being part of this extraordinarily bold limited-edition collection. 

Or be part of it yourself. Only 99 will ever be made. 

Every commission has its own unique number within the Signed99 range, from 01-99. All commissions arrive (via free delivery) with an authenticity certification and a bottle of excellent Champagne to celebrate with. 

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Source: Signed99