Has your child ever wished they could see what goes on in the background of their favorite video games? They might enjoy playing Minecraft, but have they ever considered the amazing world that inspired it? Imagine if they could learn how the game works, in addition to playing it, and even find out about potential careers.

The goal of the kids’ coding gurus, Code Ninjas, is to spark your child’s imagination and interest. In light of this, they are thrilled to present the Prodigy Program, a journey that takes your child away from the screen and right into the center of the gadgets they adore.

The Prodigy Program is a groundbreaking after-school program designed for parents looking to provide their kids the best possibilities possible.

Students get the rare chance to peek behind the curtain of the biggest gaming and IT companies in the world through a program aptly called Ninjas. The course imparts more than just coding knowledge; it also gives Ninjas a thorough understanding of the computer sector in the actual world.

According to Navin Guraney, CEO of Code Ninjas, “We’ve partnered with Microsoft MakeCode to bring your child an experience unlike any other.” This is about understanding games inside and out, not simply playing them. Consider it as a special invitation to the world that inspires the video games they admire.

Microsoft MakeCode, the Prodigy Program’s initial partner, will introduce participants to an engaging curriculum that ranges from game creation to hardware programming. Ninjas will not only develop technical prowess thanks to a focus on practical skills. They will learn firsthand about the inner workings of a leading global tech company. It is an opportunity created to provide your child a strong foundation and an understanding of the limitless opportunities in the computer industry.

According to Jaqueline Russell, Program Manager of Microsoft MakeCode, “partnering with Code Ninjas on the Prodigy Program perfectly aligns with our mission to empower, inspire, and enable the next generation of technology creators and innovators.” “We can’t wait to see what these young minds will produce and add to the technological world,”

The highly coveted Microsoft Surface Pro 9 and a unique virtual tour of the famed Microsoft corporate offices, also known as Minecraft HQ!, will be given away to three lucky Ninjas as part of this event on September 29. Ninjas will have the opportunity to interact online with the Minecraft and MakeCode teams and take part in exclusive interviews with XBOX, Bing, and AI industry experts.

The Prodigy Program is now accepting applications, and the UK’s individual Code Ninjas centers will make the final decisions. Visit https://www.codeninjas.co.uk/locations to locate and get in touch with your local center to learn how to register your child.