more than merely a collaboration. The collaboration between Future Care Group and Nourish and Radar Healthcare will result in true digital innovation, saving time and lives while accelerating transformation that will significantly affect the healthcare industry.

Nourish and Radar Healthcare have successfully completed a proof of concept with Future Care Group since announcing their agreement in October 2022, and this is expected to significantly increase resident and staff safety in the adult health care system.

Future Care Group has been using the Nourish/Radar Healthcare software integration and reports that it saves time, promotes resident safety, and points out areas that need development. They were chosen because they are a tech-savvy organization among the top 20 care groups. Throughout the initial phase, feedback was gathered to inform future integration improvements.

With the interface, users may record an event in the Nourish Care planning app and have information about it immediately populated into the risk, quality, compliance, and safety software from Radar Healthcare. Then, Radar Healthcare offers process workflows and in-depth analytics that enable all discoveries and results to be fed back into the Nourish system, resulting in an advanced information exchange between the two platforms.

“While the industry talks a lot about integration, which is always promising, real change comes from examining how integrated platforms are used on a daily basis over time and applying that information to make the system better. According to Nuno Almeida, CEO and creator of Nourish, “We think that this most recent collaboration is going to raise the bar in the adult care sector.”

“We’ve improved the Nourish/Radar Healthcare integration so that the complete integration now delivers a lot more texture rather than just reporting an occurrence. For instance, it provides information on the resident’s health, past medicine use, prior occurrences, etc. in addition to just reporting falls. Since the picture is considerably more rounded, it is extremely unlikely that any markings will be overlooked. In terms of healthcare digitization, this is a significant advance. It is amazing to witness social care effectively driving transformation for the entire health and care system.

“Radar Healthcare and Nourish Care both share a clear vision of automated, integrated data being a driving force for continuous improvement across social care,” says Paul Johnson, CEO and co-founder of Radar Healthcare. The initial phase’s results were great, and both sides collaborated to scale the program for a more sophisticated user experience.

According to Future Care Group, 200 issues were recorded during the proof of concept, but because all front line staff members were already very familiar with the Nourish app, it didn’t increase their burden. Managers could be quick to respond, completing activity in Radar Healthcare and then ensure no safety markers had been missed.

Stacey Hemming, Group Clinical Developmental Lead at Future Care Group, claims that using the technology was very advantageous for the company. It has inspired us to change how we train. We were able to spot trends and areas for improvement after determining the underlying causes of occurrences. Then, we were able to accept that risk and comprehend how adjustments to the staffing ratio, activity program at strategic times of day, and staff training might all be leveraged to truly impact outcomes.

“This partnership goes beyond technology and signifies the shared comprehension Radar Healthcare and Nourish have of the complexities of care delivery,” says Denise Tack, director of partnerships at Nourish Care. The continuous growth of this alliance will be extremely beneficial to the teams of healthcare providers, but it also sets the bar for other technology vendors to foster meaningful cooperation in order to support the industry’s quick digital transition.

“At Radar Healthcare, we’re bringing some of the most powerful care platforms together so our end-users can truly utilize their data for meaningful impact,” says Rhian Bulmer, Chief Partnerships Officer. I’m thrilled that our collaboration with Nourish Care is laying the groundwork for assisting care organizations of all sizes in becoming as effective as they can while providing the highest level of care.