A UK registered charity, Hope Spring has announced that users of it’s Charity eCard platform can from today send a Thanksgiving eCard to friends and family in the US.  Thanksgiving, an important holiday in the US and Canada , but celebrated in different months by the two countries.  Canada celebrates its thanksgiving in October, while this year thanksgiving in the US is on  Thursday the 25th of November. 

For British people with family, friends and colleagues in America, the last post that could get a thanksgiving card to the United States has left. You can still send Thanksgiving greetings that will reach the recipient in time “ if you send a Hope Spring  charity Thanksgiving eCard. “ according to the organization platform manager Evgeniy Garkaviy 

Hope Spring eCard,  a fundraising platform for Hope Spring Water Charity provides a platform for their supporters and the general public to send holiday and other greeting eCards, in exchange for a donation to their cause.  The release of Thanksgiving eCards for 2021 was announced on Tuesday, the 23rd November, 2021 at the charity’s office in Hereford.

Speaking at the launch of the Thanksgiving ecards, the Hope Spring ecards’ platform manager  Evgeniy Gargaviy said “Over the years, Hope Spring has made it easy for people around the world to send greetings to their family both at home and abroad. Our Thanksgiving ecards is a good example. We have returning users who send our ecards to their family in the US every year”. 

Mr Garkaviy added that “donations from our ecard has been vital to our work in Africa. We have helped tens of thousands of people to access safe, clean water. There is no better way to give thanks on Thanksgiving than to send a greeting card that helps others”.

Visitors to the Hope Spring eCard website from today can send a Thanksgiving ecard. You can also find out more information about what the charity does and how it spends your donation on its website.  

To connect with the charity, visit its social media pages including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

The next major holiday for Hope Spring eCards in 2021 is Christmas, when their Charity Christmas eCard pages will host video and animated Christmas eCards.