Cancer Central is celebrating the introduction of their new platform this summer after receiving over 70,000 volunteer hours from more than 300 people and 60 organizations. The goal of Cancer Central, which was created in the free time of volunteers, is to assist those impacted by cancer in finding the assistance and information they require.

The support from the IT sector for Cancer Central has exceeded my wildest expectations, according to Cancer Central founder Avril Chester. I want to express my gratitude to everyone who gave freely of their time and valuable expertise. Although technology and these kinds of outcomes always need updating and fine-tuning, we should pause and enjoy this great achievement.

A total of 70,000+ donated hours, contributed by volunteers in their spare time, in addition to day jobs, day jobs, life, friends, and family, went into creating Cancer Central, including the platform, development, UX, testing, branding, backlog ideas, policies, fundraising, and charity.

The “Tech Treats & Treasures – a Celebration” podcast will be broadcast every week until the end of September to commemorate this technology-related brain and passion partnership. The episodes are based on the book “Tech Treats & Treasures,” which features the insights, tales, and golden nuggets of 80+ exceptional leaders. The book serves as a fundraiser for Cancer Central, keeping the website free of advertising and message fees.