London, July 24, 2023 – The world’s leading marketplace for qualified online tutors, Spires Online Tutors (, is happy to celebrate a year of exceptional success, with April 2023 standing out as the peak of triumph. The platform witnessed a phenomenal 50% year-over-year growth during this busy academic tutoring period, securing its place as a major player in the online tutoring market.

rise of online instruction

Throughout the course of the year, Spires Online Tutors led an incredible 100,000 lessons, demonstrating its dedication to promoting a positive and progressive learning environment. Spires served a varied student population of over 10,000 students in the UK and abroad with a committed team of over 1,000 active online instructors.

One of the company’s founders, Dr. Leo Evans, praised the team and tutors for their unwavering commitment and shared his thoughts on this remarkable achievement, saying, “Our record-breaking year is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our team and tutors, as well as the trust our students place in us.” We take great satisfaction in creating a friendly and creative learning environment that meets the many requirements of our kids, he continued. Our goal to reimagine and improve the online tutoring experience is unwavering even as we broaden our audience. Particularly over the past year, students on the site have requested our premium online physics teachers for GCSE, A-level, and IB exams, English tutors, and A-level math tutors. Online instructors for courses like law, economics, finance, statistics, and the STEM fields have become more and more well-liked at the university level.

Future of ChatGPT and private instruction

Leo highlighted his excitement about the prospects that technology, in particular Artificial Intelligence (AI), offered in the field of education as he looked to the future. “In my opinion, ChatGPT and other forms of AI won’t completely replace the current system of private academic tutoring, any more than Google or Wikipedia did for traditional classroom instruction. AI will improve and supplement the learning experience rather than posing an existential danger, he said firmly.

Spires Online Tutors has an unwavering commitment to innovation and uses cutting-edge technologies to further improve the online tutoring experience for students all over the world. Spires Online Tutors sees the future of education being revolutionized by the seamless fusion of human expertise and AI-driven academic support tools.