SUMMARY:   A UK water poverty alleviation charity is urging it’s supporters, and the general public to send a video Christmas greetings eCard this year.  The donation made for each Christmas greetings video ecard, will help the charity to provide safe, clean drinking water to a community  in need in Africa.

Pre-COVID most people meet up with their loved one for Christmas celebration, others send greetings through different mediums,  particularly greeting cards.  The UK holds the record for sending the most greeting cards in the whole world. The British spend over £200 million pounds on Christmas Cards in 2019.  That is why water poverty alleviation charity, Hope Spring is urging it’s supporters to send a charity Christmas video ecard this year, instead of the traditional Christmas Card.

According to Hope Spring,  sending a Christmas video ecard has many advantages. One of the  main advantages is the positive environmental impact digital greeting has over card based greetings sent through the post.  Every year hundreds of thousands of trees are felled and pulped, to make paper based greeting cards. Most of the cards end up in landfill sites, within a few weeks after Christmas day. Sending an ecard helps  save trees that would otherwise be felled to create greeting cards.

A trustee of the charity Temi Odurinde said  “sending a Christmas card through the post contributes about 140g or so of CO2 to the environment. You can half the C02 footprint associated with the greeting you send during Christmas, by sending one of our video ecards instead”.

He added that “it gets better, donations made when you use our platform to send your Christmas greetings funds our clean drinking water projects in Africa”.

For those planning to send Christmas greetings cards during this festive season. A Hope Spring video ecard will get your greeting to your friends and family, while helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to helping provide clean water to an African community in need. Find out more information about Hope Spring eCard on their Facebook and Instagram pages.



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