Paysend, a fintech company with headquarters in London, has begun advertising above-the-line in the US.

London, August 21: A pioneering advertising campaign from Paysend, a prominent worldwide digital money transfer provider, will debut on August 21 in the United States. The broad effort will target the 60 million Hispanic Americans who frequently send money to families in Latin America, constituting the world’s largest money transfer corridor.

The campaign’s initial phase will include two Spanish-language TV ads, sponsorship of numerous TV programs, national and local radio advertising, podcast advertising, and a significant amount of social and digital advertising. This campaign is well-positioned to make Paysend a household name among the Hispanic population with more than 60 TV commercials set to air in the first week across the US.

“This campaign is a significant milestone for Paysend for us to build the brand in the US, and disrupt the market with a competitive service,” said Rupert Bedell, Chief Marketing Officer at Paysend. We’re interested to see how the positive campaign, which centers on the joy of sending money home to loved ones, performs.

The company’s debut into the US financial market has the potential to revolutionize how the 20% of the country’s 60 million Hispanic citizens send money to assist their families in Latin America. Paysend offers a quick, inexpensive, and secure alternative to conventional remittance methods by allowing users to send money straight to a Visa, Mastercard, or bank account for cash pick-up in certain countries.

Paysend will offer fee-free money transfers to Latin America at first. This strategy significantly undercuts the market, as competitors’ transfer fees normally vary from $3 to $10. Paysend aims to take a sizable chunk of the $150 billion in yearly remittance payments from the Spanish-speaking minority in the US by eliminating the transfer fee.

In order to meet the rising demand for their services, Paysend has doubled the number of its Spanish-speaking customer service team working in the area and greatly increased its Spanish-language paid search spending.

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