On Thursday, May 5, the Pan African Heritage Museum will celebrate African World Heritage Day in collaboration with UNESCO. This event is an opening for the world to get a glimpse of one of the most iconic projects within Africa and to celebrate Africa’s unique artistic and natural heritage. The Pan African Heritage Museum is the first of its kind to go digital ahead of the physical construction and will showcase history, trades, and culture from Ancient Egypt to the present contemporary Pan Africa. 

The Pan African Heritage Museum will be an architectural masterpiece that reflects traditional African values, perceptivity, and accomplishments, and stand as a perpetual point of passage for Africans, people of African descent, and others, for education, mending, and alleviation. 

This festivity is a corner for the gallery as it continues to raise momentum leading up to its physical opening in Ghana. This global, ground- breaking Institution is a demonstration of prejudiced cooperation across numerous of the African nations, pressing, the rich artistic shade, that has shaped history around the globe and uniting and reuniting numerous literal vestiges, literature, culture, and literal mentos which were deduced from the soil of the mainland. 

To commemorate African World Heritage Day, Pan African Heritage Museum the launch of the digital gallery coincides to celebrate the mainland’s unique artistic and natural heritage. 

The launch event, being held in collaboration with UNESCO, will be beamed worldwide from Accra Ghana. Speakers include the UNESCO Representative in Ghana,Mr. Diallo Abdourahamane, the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Dr Awal Mohamed, the Chairman, of the Pan African Heritage Museum Advisory Board,Prof. Kofi Asare Opoku, the Chairman, of the African Heritage Museum International Board Of Trustees, Dr. Joseph Silver. The moderator of the event will beDr. Winani Thebele, of the Botswana National Museum and a member of the Pan African Heritage Museum Curatorial Board. 

 “ This is a unique moment for us,” said the Museum Author and Administrative President, Mr. Kojo Yankah. “ We’re making history, not just in presenting for the first time the history, culture, trades and achievements of Africans and people of African descent in one gallery, we’re also breaking grounds in giving the world the first digital gallery ahead of physical construction,” he said. 

 The CEO of Wealth Partners Ltd, Mr Jeremie ALAMAZANI Isumu stated; 

“ We’re extremely honoured, and proud to have been named as the exclusive strategic mate representing the Pan African Heritage Museum (PAHM), within EMEA. My platoon and I are veritably agitated about erecting brand mindfulness, exploring cooperation and sponsorship opportunities and fundraising for the Museum. We feel veritably privileged to be working on one of the most iconic systems on the African mainland. We look forward to engaging with our implicit mates and agitating this heritage heritage design with you” 

“ The Pan African Heritage World Museum will recognize and save the tremendous heritage of our ancestors and insure that there’s an accurate literal account for generations to come the NAACP supports this design.” 

— Derrick Johnson – President & CEO, NACCP

Kojo Yankah, Founder and Executive Chairman of the project

“I am excited that eminent personalities in Africa and the African Diaspora are moved to provide support and more dignity to a vision which is a legacy to the youth of the world”

For a full list of activities and events – www.pahmuseum.org

Contact: Mr Jeremie ALAMAZANI Isumu – CEO of Wealth Partners Ltd

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Contact email: ceo@wealthpartners.group

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