Charity fundraising platform Hope Spring eCards today announced their partnership with Ozami, an online greetings eCard website. The partnership will see the two organisations join forces to boost sales of eCards to their respective client bases. All proceeds from their collaboration will go to causes, including Hope Spring Water Charity. The partnership is expected to start with the marketing of Father’s Day eCards. Sunday, June 18th, is Father’s Day in the UK.


Hope Spring eCards raised funds exclusively for their sister organisation, which works to alleviate water poverty in West Africa. So far this year, the platform has raised funds to complete four clean water borehole projects in Sierra Leone and Nigeria. Hope Spring Water and other charities will benefit from the proposed partnership.


The partnership will see Hope Spring eCard offer Ozami’s popular greeting character, Ozi, on its platform. Ozi will deliver Father’s Day greetings in its special way to people sending Father’s Day greetings on both the Hope Spring and Ozami platforms. The partnership is expected to boost money raised through eCard sales by hundreds of pounds for both parties.


Speaking about the partnership, Ozami creative director Mr. Tomi Onigibnde said of the collaboration, “I am very pleased that we are working with Hope Spring eCards. We hope Ozi is able to help in a little way to boost fundraising by Hope Spring” He added “Their poverty alleviation work is inspirational, and we are happy to help in our own little way”. 


The partnership is expected to produce more Ozi videos to Hope Spring over time. The highlight was the supply of ten Ozi Christmas greeting videos to Hope Spring in December. Ozi, a character created by Ozami, is described as a greetings specialist.  You can find more information about Ozi from Ozami social media pages including Facebook. 


Read more about the Ozi, Hope Spring, and Ozami partnership on their website and social media pages.