Samuel Flynn, the brilliant CEO and co-founder of Hands In, has been named to the Tomorrow’s Travel Leaders (TTG – 30 Under 30) list, which is an encouraging development for all young businesspeople. The selection of Flynn highlights the vital role that innovative, youthful executives play in the travel industry.

Samuel expressed his excitement and honor at being recognized by TTG as one of the 30 under 30. Not only does it validate the ground-breaking work Hands In is doing, but it also gives us a lift and encourages us to keep redefining and pushing the envelope in the online travel industry. This accomplishment is also a strong message that age is no obstacle to success. The possibilities are unlimited if one is persistent and creative.

Given that Flynn is only 23 years old, his accomplishments are nothing short of remarkable. Hands In has already secured contracts worth more than £600,000 in annual recurring revenue (ARR) and over £500,000 in early capital at a multi-million dollar valuation.

The platform’s potential for long-term durability and Flynn’s skill as an innovator are both demonstrated by this success. He now joins other seasoned executives from bigger organizations like Tui, Virgin, and Royal Caribbean. According to Samuel, “This gives us recognition, valuable industry connections, and a guarantee that Hands In is here to stay for the long haul.”

Given that I am the sole entrepreneur and one of the youngest nominees, the TTG distinction means more to me than just being acknowledged. It reflects how much the sector values innovation.

Samuel came up with the concept for Hands In while still a student after noticing the challenges associated with making group payments for pals. Samuel had a vision for an integrated solution that would address payment issues for his network as well as the entire travel industry, channeling his entrepreneurial drive in the process. Hands In was founded less than two years after graduation.

Flynn’s Hands In is now changing the dynamics of group payments in travel, and it has no intention of slowing down. According to Samuel, “Our mission goes beyond making traveler payments simple while increasing business profitability.”

Our goal is to help everyone reach their full commercial potential.

In an interview with The Fintech Times, Sam Flynn tells his inspiring tale at