London – Acclaimed creator and storyteller Chip Colquhoun and ‘Winnie the Witch illustrator Korky Paul are on a task to revolutionize analysing for delight amongst children.

the subsequent month sees the release of their e-book “All the Higher To Read You With”, published by way of Epic testimonies and commissioned by way of the branch for training’s English Hub.

The book might be formally released at Bett United Kingdom, the biggest Ed Tech occasion in the global, on 24th January 2024 at the Excel in London. This groundbreaking book maintains Chip’s challenge to revolutionise studying for pleasure among kids in the classroom and among domestic educators.

Studying for pride has long been diagnosed as an important determinant of children’s social mobility and academic attainment. studies indicate that recreational analysis is the most considerable element contributing to educational success and social mobility, surpassing the socio-financial historical past. but, research has found that fewer kids today experience analyzing compared to before 2016.

“All the Higher to Examine You With” addresses this undertaking with the aid of supplying a unique solution. Written by Chip Colquhoun, a professional storyteller with a long time of enjoyment, and Rebekah Owen, an outstanding educator, the book offers a collection of spell-binding quick memories that may be examined aloud to newbies. Educators acquire expert steering on how to ‘study like a storyteller’ and are provided with tried-and-validated lesson plans that increase kids’ enthusiasm for reading.

Chip Colquhoun, the author, explains, “These lessons attention on the joy of the shared experience, the laugh of the words, the connections among books, and the relevance to the kids listening. it is not pretty much comprehension; it’s approximately creating a meaningful and exciting reading revel in.”

The book has garnered endorsements from esteemed specialists within the schooling field. Ros Wilson, founding father of Speak: Write, says, “In case you are seeking to enhance your skills as a storyteller, then this is the book for you. If you would welcome a complete program to be able to decorate your coaching, increase your students’ lives with an ardor for studying, and additionally enhance your skills as a storyteller, then this is truly the book for you!”

Ian Whybrow, acclaimed author of the bestselling ‘Harry and the Dinosaurs’ series, praises the e-book, declaring, “At last! A sparkling, accessible manual to storytelling as an encouragement to young human beings to read for the pleasure of it.”

“All the better to study You With” pursuits inspire children’s love for reading and empower teachers with powerful techniques to foster an analyzing subculture in their lecture rooms. by equipping educators with the gear to interact with kids in meaningful conversations and create fascinating studying experiences, the e-book promises to have a transformative effect on children’s studying conduct.

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about Epic testimonies:

Epic Tales is a renowned storytelling initiative run by Immersive Dome Experiences Ltd. The corporation aims to empower kids and educators through enticing and provoking storytelling experiences. Epic testimonies’ guides and author schooling packages emphasize the pleasure and significance of studying for satisfaction.

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