With a comprehensive, open, and sympathetic approach, Emily Roskilly and Lucia Mills announce the opening of their new company, Roskilly and Mills, which will offer specialized assistance to cohabiting couples before and after separation.

“Common law marriage is a myth,” asserts Emily Roskilly, “There is no such thing in the legal world. In reality, married couples have more rights than unmarried ones, and co-owners of property as well as unmarried couples may need specialized legal counsel. Contrary to popular opinion, a property dispute is a civil law matter rather than a family law matter because the two specialties are overseen by distinct courts and have different laws.

It is sometimes a great shock when cohabiting couples separate because one of them can end up with nothing and incur huge bills!”

The number of divorces issued after the epidemic has increased by 9.6%*, yet many couples who cohabited during the lockdown were not married (or were unable to get married) and are now considering separating.

The law in this area has been called for modification, but it is not currently being prioritized, says Lucia Mills. We think there should be more awareness for all unmarried couples because the law is out of date with contemporary society. When a couple gets married, the matrimonial assets (such as a pension, savings, etc.) are regarded as a component of the family’s financial resources and

The Court frequently deals with similar situations as needed and takes equality into account regardless of formal ownership. However, this is not the case for unmarried couples, thus in a rapidly changing world, we provide unmarried people with specialized counsel.

Emily can relate to folks who are divorcing since she has experienced it. Both Roskilly and Mills are eager to spread awareness and encourage reform. They both belong to Resolution, a professional organization that actively advocates for change in this field and is dedicated to a constructive approach to family issues.

In addition to offering legal services, Mills is aware that cohabiting couples also require assistance with their finances, child care, divorce coaches, and general well-being. Experts are on hand and specialized guidance is available from Roskilly and Mills to assist at every level.

Additionally, Emily and Lucia don’t have internal financial targets, which allows them to concentrate on their customers. This is in contrast to many corporate legal offices.

We are open and honest about our costs, says Emily. We acknowledge that clients occasionally want emotional assistance, and we don’t charge for a nice word or a private conversation.

“As mothers ourselves, we are eager to restore the personal, caring component to legal counsel. We make sure that customers participate in all decision-making, are updated often, and completely comprehend the specialized legal counsel they get. Uncertainty is the last thing our clients need to experience in these trying times.

For ALL couples who are currently living together, Roskilly and Mills offer the following advice:

-Be upfront and honest about your objectives; they can create Cohabitation Agreements.

-Think about include a statement of trust in the contract for buying a house.

-If you are unsure of your legal status or if you and your spouse have already separated, you should seek expert legal counsel on your rights.

In addition, Roskilly and Mills offer guidance on will and inheritance issues, another intricate and specialized area of law. Regarding executor and beneficiary conflicts, potential will validity issues, and whether you have a claim against an estate after death, we can advise you.

Visit https://roskillyandmills.co.uk for more details on this contemporary, forward-thinking company.