The street-food franchise idea Doner Shack, which was inspired by Berlin, has revealed a new brand strategy to reflect the company’s transition and future focus. With a focus on the flavor of the meal, the initiative aims to appeal to a younger population and position the brand to have more mainstream appeal.

The company has also developed a new appearance, menu, and pricing point as part of the change, which will appeal to a wider audience and increase margins. A polaroid wall will be included to display memories of the team’s numerous prior journeys to Berlin and to verify the authenticity of the brand. The project will also include a new logo and a redesign of the storefronts utilizing a main color palette of red, white, and black.

Starting in Glasgow in early September, the five locations open around the UK will undergo rebranding. By the end of the year, all sites will be finished in Leeds, Manchester, London, and Leicester. To improve the customer experience and add another enjoyable and engaging touchpoint, each location will also sell Doner Shack gear in-store, such as baseball caps, t-shirts, and hoodies. Additionally, there are plans to work with local artists, athletes, and video game personalities to produce brand-specific items that will all be sold.

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Doner Shack, Sanjeev Sanghera, stated: “When we conceptualized our brand, we had one clear goal in mind: to become the top kebab brand in the world. I believe we have cracked it after five years of testing, studying, and, most importantly, creating! Our core value has been and always will be providing delicious cuisine, thus with this brand repositioning, we hope to strengthen and secure our place within the QSR industry.

“Our customers are at the center of everything we do at Doner Shack, and this strategy has already shown fantastic results. In June and July, our Manchester store’s year-over-year sales climbed by 37%, and those in Leeds increased by 11%. Following some difficult negotiations with suppliers, we have also reduced our cost of sales, including a 25% cut in the cost of our supply chain, so that our customers won’t be responsible for this expense.

After spending more than eight years collaborating closely with the company’s board of directors, Nathan Holloway, brand director at Doner Shack, has been in charge of overseeing the new brand positioning. For the brand, we developed a fresh visual identity that allows for simplicity in color and design. The logo is simpler and has a pattern that goes throughout the new Doner Shack, making it instantly recognizable and appealing to the Gen Z target population. We made sure that speed, efficiency, and ease were at the forefront of our brand redesign, not to mention adding a little bit of fun for our customers, because these things are crucial to this audience.

In order to renovate the interiors of the eateries, Doner Shack also sought advice from the interior design firm Studio Jim. “The new design draws inspiration from streetwear stores, sporting arenas, pop-up retail spaces, and summer festivals, creating a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere that captures the energy and style of a younger generation,” said Jim Butterell, the company’s founder. We combined contemporary design, vibrant colors, and interactive aspects.

In order to establish a stronger connection with young clients and offer a speedy and delightful dining experience, we have also included cutting-edge technology such as digital screens and self-ordering menus.

“I’m excited to share Doner Shack’s rebranding and revised menu, where we have created a fun, approachable, and refreshing environment for kebab and chicken lovers,” Sanjeev continued. We are now able to offer our customers value, both in terms of price point and the high-quality, made-to-order food that Doner Shack does so well. Our expanded product set includes new loaded fries, waffles, and incredible tasting sliders that start at only £4. This, I feel, puts us in a good position.

“Doner Shack has exciting opportunities ahead of it as we work to up the ante and create a setting and location that reflect the caliber of our offerings. We are, I believe, moving in the right direction.

In order to further increase its client base, Doner Shack plans to open up to four delivery kitchens in each of its current locations as well as an additional seven new locations over the course of the upcoming year.

Visit the Doner Shack website to learn more about the restaurant.