NY, New York – The first-to-market, patent-pending AI photo booth technology has officially launched, according to OutSnapped.com, a physical and digital photo booth provider based in New York City. Using artificial intelligence, this exclusive breakthrough creates real-time images that can transform fleeting events into unforgettable memories. The AI photo booth gives endless opportunities for CMOs, event organizers, retail pop-ups, and more to produce viral content that emphasizes their audience because it has analytics and audience engagement capabilities built in.

The new technology from OutSnapped overcomes the constraints of photo filters. AI can create incredibly realistic images of a person’s AI avatar in any environment with just a single photo of them. It’s the difference between photo-shopping a body into a setting and developing an avatar that can do anything, like exuberantly galloping a horse on a Bali beach or authoritatively speaking in front of a boardroom while wearing a confident clothing. Inviting fans to dress up as characters in a theater before the opening credits roll and instantaneously uploading their digital avatars to studio websites or social media, the AI photo booth functions as both a physical installation and on personal devices.

OutSnapped collaborated with personal finance business SoFi as part of a fruitful soft-launch in June 2023 to show the tool’s ability to counter prejudice in AI. In collaboration with OutSnapped, SoFi took pictures of women in a pop-up booth in New York City, which were then turned into images depicting the ladies as wealthy and successful. These pictures were then used to instruct AI to link women with money in order to overcome preconceptions.

As a highly sought-after event photographer and blogger for the past 20 years, I have observed and contributed to changes in how media, brands, and the general public make and use photos online. A seismic shift has occurred with the introduction of the new OutSnapped AI photo booth, forever altering how memories are captured. We can’t wait to collaborate with businesses to redefine the direction of experiential marketing. – Nicholas Rhodes, CEO and Founder.

OutSnapped is a NYC-based company that specializes in designing unforgettable photo booth experiences all over the world. Nicholas Rhodes established the business in 2017, and since then, it has collaborated with companies including Netflix, W Hotels, Amazon Studios, Slack, HBO, Calvin Klein, and TED.

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