This is Milk, a recognized training and consulting company with a clientele throughout the world and a reputation for its human-centered approach to digital transformation, welcomes early adopters to try out their revolutionary online learning platform, Neve Learning.

Neve Learning strives to satisfy the particular needs of every person, including those with dyslexia, dyspraxia, autistic spectrum disorder, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), by prioritizing neurodiversity.

This is Milk’s cloud-based Ed-Tech platform, which provides a more inclusive and future-focused educational framework, revolutionizes professional learning.

Neve Learning, which is based on the neurodiversity tenets, respects and celebrates individual differences in social preferences, learning preferences, and communication styles.

This is Milk’s founder and managing director, Angela Prentner-Smith, said: “Everyone learns differently, and This is Milk has always believed in the power of inclusive training, tech, and consultancy services.” By providing a platform that enhances learning regardless of neurodiversity or prior learning experiences, Neve Learning seeks to address the challenges that students and educators encounter in the e-learning sector.

Neve Learning provides a number of tools that enhance teaching and learning for all users. By offering Learning Pathways, which operate as a progress chart, it enables students to engage with course material that has been divided up into manageable portions. Neve Learning seeks to reinvent how training is organized and provided by embracing neurodiversity and putting accessibility first.

Neve Learning was created with the number of scheduled courses in mind, not the number of users. By minimizing the possibility of spending money on licenses for inactive users, this strategy maximizes budget. The price structure gives organizations the freedom to tailor their learning requirements. You are free from being bound by a long-term financial commitment thanks to variable pricing that allows organizations to pay every quarter based on your consumption.

Through the early adopter program, consumers will get unique access to limitless planned courses, unrestricted user access, and flexible pricing. A 60-day, risk-free trial period and improved support will also be available.

Early adopters will also have the chance to influence Neve Learning’s future by holding a position on the Product Steering Committee.

Neve Learning can be used in all educational levels, training organizations, charities, and multinational enterprises to name a few. This is Milk believes in accessibility and inclusive learning for all. Neve Learning is intended to facilitate learning in any context, including early schooling, private sector businesses, training providers, and governmental institutions.

Before the application deadline of July 14, 2023, apply for one of the few available early adopter places to participate in this unique opportunity. The Neve Learning team encourages interested parties and organizations to get in touch with them directly at