The most lovely present for linguists and logophiles has recently been even more alluring! As the League of the lexical, the opulent and top-rated word-and-language quiz game, introduces three stunning special editions that promise to redefine your linguistic prowess, prepare for an incredible adventure across lexical landscapes.

Susie Dent and Stephen Fry have both joined the League after falling for its charm. It was praised as a “logophile’s dream,” a triumph of lexical joy, by Stephen Fry, a model of eloquence. As for League of the Lexicon, Susie Dent, the pinnacle of lexical knowledge, called it a “fiendish delight for all word lovers.”

The League of the Lexicon’s triumphal ascent glows as brightly as a star atop the Christmas tree amid the glitz and glamor of the holiday season. This miracle, which made its debut in 2022, has completely altered the rules of word games.

The game reached previously unheard-of heights on Kickstarter with the support of an ardent language-loving community, becoming the most-backed word game in the platform’s history.

As if that weren’t enough, it also received the honor of being named “Game of the Month” at the prestigious Waterstones, before reaching the highest level of praise by being named “Recommended to Play” by the distinguished Mensa Mind Games.

League of the Lexicon’s questions, which were painstakingly knitted together by linguists, lexicographers, and word enthusiasts from all over the world, are what give it its charm.

The contributions of eminent individuals like Lynne Truss, Michael Rosen, Ben Schott, and Richard Lederer have helped to weave a rich and varied fabric of linguistic investigation. Now that these special editions have been released, the game becomes a symphony of knowledge that has been assembled by experts themselves. This is a journey into the very core of language, not merely a game.

The core game is a masterpiece in and of itself, a visual extravaganza created by the skill of two brilliant artists. There are 2,000 questions spread across five fascinating categories, from the archaic to the etymological, from usage conundrums to pleasant wordy trivia, within its exquisitely drawn walls.

The GLOBAL EDITION was created by the multilingual linguist Gaston Dorren, the JUNIOR EDITION was written by none other than the brilliant game’s creator, Joshua Blackburn, and the SLANG EDITION was curated by the eminent slang lexicographer Jonathon Green.

Each special edition adds 500 new questions to the linguistic research’s rich tapestry, making it a veritable gold mine in and of itself. It is more than just a game; The League of the Lexicon is an adventure through the annals of linguistic development.

Enter a world where knowledge is power, where words rule supreme, and where your love of language is embraced like never before.

Imagine this: Two tiers of 2,000 nicely posed questions provide a fascinating challenge. Each participant dons a “Character” card to embrace their word-using persona. Players explore the world of lexical inquiry with each round, attempting to respond to queries that straddle the line between knowledge and curiosity. Every right response results in a “Artefact” card, a symbol of successful language use. The ultimate goal? Amass five “Artefact” cards that are identical to your “Character” card. A wits’ race occurs, and the winner is only revealed after responding to the crucially important decision-making question.

“The joy of League of the Lexicon isn’t just proving what you know; it’s finding out what you don’t,” said the game’s designer, Joshua Blackburn, a London resident. Scrabble may have previously been the game of choice for word lovers, but League of the Lexicon has blazed a new trail through the very heart of language and words.

This masterwork and its special editions are only available at Waterstones for £34.99.