When you drive around Leicester and notice people staring at you, don’t be alarmed; they’re only envious.

According to recent data, the city is THE nation’s hotspot for automobile envy, with 58 percent of locals saying they experience it occasionally.

In an exclusive survey for Cazoo, Belfast came in second position for those who experience the green eyed monster when thinking about cars (56%) followed by Norwich (55%) and Bristol (55%) on the list.

The final city in the top five for vehicle envy was Brighton (52%).

On the other hand, Plymouth residents are least concerned about other people’s wheels when it comes to automotive confidence; 65% of those surveyed stated they didn’t experience any negative effects.

The least envious citizens are those in Cardiff (62%), Manchester (58%) and Leeds (58%) respectively.

The study also found that London and Belfast are the cities where individuals are most inclined to covet what is in the driveway next door, and that drivers across the country are most envious of their neighbors’ cars.

In the capital cities of England and Northern Ireland, 37% of residents stated they would either certainly or perhaps buy a car as a result of their neighbor purchasing a new vehicle. The next most likely group would be those in Liverpool and Stoke-on-Trent (25 percent).

The least influenced by what their neighbor drives are residents of Edinburgh (8%) and Cambridge (10%), respectively.

Unsurprisingly, Londoners also outperformed other city dwellers when asked if they ever or occasionally felt pressure to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ in the automobile they drive, with 42% of them saying they did.

Plymouth people are the least bothered, with 88% of them stating that they have no interest in trying to surpass or match their neighbor’s vehicle, which is closely followed by Edinburgh (86%).

In general, the survey indicates that 35% of us want for a better motor, with a huffy 28% confessing they have even yelled at their current vehicle out of anger.

In fact, some Brits are so embarrassed by their vehicles that one in twenty (6%) have admitted they borrowed the car from a friend, 5% won’t let anyone park outside their house, and 3% have even ducked under the seat to avoid being spotted by someone they know.

Six percent have given a reason why they can’t pick someone up, the same amount have been instructed by their kids to drop them off near their school, and one in twenty have informed their coworkers that they had a “second car.”

Nine percent of spiritual people claim that their automobile has a terrible “vibe,” 18 percent of people claim that it is so filthy that it is embarrassing, and 15% of slightly paranoid people believe that their car might truly hate them.

“Our research provides a fascinating insight into how and why people decide to change their car,” said Ercan Kamil, marketing director at Cazoo. It’s especially telling that almost half of those surveyed claim they had at some point felt “car envy” and that more than a quarter are dissatisfied with their present vehicle.

The good news is that upgrading has never been simpler thanks to Cazoo. You may part exchange your present vehicle, get a value for it, and then buy or finance a new vehicle all from the comfort of your couch.

To view the complete survey results, click here.


Leicester, (58%).

Dublin (56%); Belfast

55 percent of Norwich

Bristol (at 55%)

52 percent are from Brighton

Perspectus Global’s market research is the source of all of the data. 2,000 car owners made up the sample, which was surveyed between May 19 and May 23, 2023.