What could be better than receiving expressions of love, laughter and support from all your favourite people?

SayIt offers easy to use technology to create touching group video gifts for special people and special occasions with stunning presentation options including greeting cards, gift boxes and smartphone projectors.

Everyone is missing out:

  • Children celebrating party-less birthdays
  • Milestone birthdays passing by almost unnoticed
  • Employees isolated from colleagues
  • Grandparents and the elderly missing their families
  • Anniversaries, achievements, new babies, engagements

The list goes on.  SayIt offers a solution.  The chance to create a unique and unforgettable gift experience like no other.
How it works, where Dropbox meets Hallmark:

  • Create a digital event and invite friends and family to join in the fun via a unique link
  • Watch as videos and photos from family appear in your online gallery
  • Share the finished result with the recipient digitally or via one of our unique delivery options

TESTIMONIALS from recent SayIt birthday users:

“An amazing service from start to finish and the best way to show your friends and family how much you love them!” – Jess Howliston 

“Lovely to have recently received an excellent family video card for my bday. Highly recommended” – Tracy Ward 

“I LOVE SayIt! ?We used it for the first time for a family member’s 60th birthday, which was during lockdown. It was the perfect present! I can’t recommend enough”. – Jenni Bradford 

“Thank you so much SayIt for what was without a doubt the best gift I could have given my 90-year-old Gran – a video card of all of her family wishing her a Happy Birthday on her 90th birthday” – Liz Ellery 

“We used Say It for our twins’ birthday as they were on half term and due to lockdown couldn’t have a party. Around 30 of their friends and family sent them personal video messages and to just see their surprised and happy faces was amazing 30 times over… You have a fantastic product that reaches people in a special way and connects all those emotions. Thank you”. – Martin Norbury

“We used a SayIt video card to surprise my mother-in-law on her 90th birthday. She absolutely loved watching the videos! It really made her birthday extra special, seeing and listening to messages from friends and family around the country and abroad! She said it was better than having a party!” – Helen Morgan

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