We are pleased to announce our strategic relationship with inai, the premier provider of group payments solutions in APAC, at Hands In. This innovative partnership seeks to lead transformational growth in the travel, leisure, and hospitality industries by providing clients in Europe with cutting-edge payment solutions and expanding into the Asia-Pacific, Australian, and Chinese (APAC) sectors.

Since group payments usually experience higher failed payment rates, the relationship is especially advantageous to retailers in the travel, leisure, and hospitality industries. Customers frequently contribute to this by using a single card to pay for all of their travel, excursions, and trips. As a result, the customer journey is prolonged before payment is even attempted as a result of the increased financial pressure placed on the person completing the transaction.

With their cutting-edge group payment technology, Hands In aims to lower the likelihood of missed payments. Clients can expect a smooth integration process because to Hands In’s technology’s interoperability with current acquirer, gateway, and payment orchestration solutions. By joining together with inai, Hands In expands merchants’ access to their cutting-edge payment services in the dynamic APAC area.

Samuel Flynn, the founder of Hands In, said, “We are excited to join up with inai to provide better payment choices for customers and travel merchants in the Asia Pacific region.

“Our solution is ideal for group travelers and merchants because it streamlines the group payment process, enables customers to split the cost of the basket at checkout with their peers, and ensures that merchants receive a consolidated payment, resulting in additional revenue,” Flynn continued.

The partnership between inai and Hands In complements inai’s strategic entry into the travel industry. Inai gains a competitive edge and the capacity to provide its clients with a standout payment solution by integrating Hands In’s innovative group payment service into its payment orchestration platform.

Zachary Liang, Head of Partnerships at inai, declares, “At inai, we are devoted to reimagining the travel payment environment, and our relationship with Hands In takes us closer to our mission.

According to Liang, who goes on to discuss the advantages for the travel industry, “Our Focus is on attempting to understand our clients in order to deliver solutions that work. Our clients in the Asia-Pacific, Australian, and Chinese markets will benefit from our combined payment orchestration expertise and Hands In’s ground-breaking group payment technology, which will result in quicker payment procedures and improved consumer experiences.

The cooperation intends to alter the future of payment solutions by using inai and Hands In’s extensive footprint in the hospitality, leisure, and travel sectors, offering a simple, hassle-free experience for customers and merchants.

Re: Hands In

The top supplier of group payment solutions, Hands In is dedicated to offering plug-and-play payment technology that is simple to use and compatible with current acquirers, gateway, and payment orchestration programs.

Individuals can pay independently with the help of the Hands In technology, which also ensures that merchants get a single payment. Hands In offers smooth company scaling with a Plug-and-play ease.

Visit Hands In’s website at https://www.handsin.com for additional details.

Regarding INA

The no-code payment orchestration platform from inai makes processing payments easier. Globally, it offers more than 300 payment methods and more than 50 payment providers. It also includes Revenue Optimization and Reconciliation (RRR) as a standalone solution in its line of products, which works in tandem with the merchant’s payment stack to increase revenue and simplify payment processes.

Visit https://inai.io to find out more about inai.