Herefordshire based clean water charity, Hope Spring announced the recent invitation of  their menstrual hygiene lead, Bolu Olorunfemi to join Usave foundation fellowship programme. The 28 year old water, sanitation and hygiene advocate has volunteered with Hope Spring on and off for more than four years.  She is currently their director of their menstrual hygiene projects and the architect of their reusable sanitary pads project. 


Usave foundation fellowship programme,  aims to develop the next generation of WASH leaders in Nigeria. The Usave organisation itself,  focuses on strengthening communities and helping them to develop capacity and resilience to better cope with water and sanitation challenges.  The fellowship program Ms Olorunfemi was invited to participate in, will train twenty people, who are already making a difference in the WASH sector. The participants will be trained and equipped with even more resources that they currently possess to make them more effective WASH and climate change advocates. 


Hope Spring founder and trustee, Temi Odurinde said “we are delighted that Bolu was invited to participate in the Usave foundation fellowship programme. I am certain she would impart almost as much knowledge as she would gain from the fellowship”.  Mr Odurinde added that “Bolu has been an invaluable member of our team, donating her  time and creativity. We hope she will continue to volunteer with Hope Spring on completion of her Usave fellowship programme”. 


The Usave fellowship programme will take Bolu and other participants six months to complete. It is a mixture of online training and face-to-face tutor lead training in Abuja, Nigeria.  Bolu and nineteen participants were successful in their application for a place on the fellowship, out of over five hundred applicants. Apart from her work on Hope Spring water period poverty alleviation campaign, she has contributed significantly to their corporate charity christmas eCard fundraise  as well as a new podcast called WASH Talk which Hope Spring launched earlier this year.


Additional information about Hope Spring can be found on their website and social media pages.