On June 6, 2023, a group of about 80 girls at a Nigerian secondary school participated in reusable pad training conducted by Hope Spring. The girls were taught how to make their own reusable pads and were given comprehensive lessons on menstruation and the menstrual cycle by Bolu Olorunfemi, who also taught them about menstrual hygiene and how to stay healthy while menstruating.

Throughout the four-hour training, the girls were introduced to the materials and equipment required to make a reusable pad, including cotton fabric, towelling or other absorbent fabric, waterproof material, thread, snaps, and sewing machines. Each participant was able to make their own reusable pad, and they were all taught the best way to care for their pads.

The workshop would not have been possible without the invaluable support of Hope Spring Ecard, an innovative and socially responsible online platform that allows users to send eCards to their loved ones while making a donation towards a charitable cause. Hope Spring Ecard provided critical funding for the reusable pad training, helping to ensure that these young girls have access to the resources they need to manage their menstrual health with dignity and confidence. We are grateful for their continued commitment to social responsibility and their dedication to empowering Nigerian communities to thrive and succeed.

Dr. Fatimah Odusote provided the girls with detailed information on menstruation and the menstrual cycle, emphasising the importance of menstrual hygiene and why it is crucial for every girl to take adequate care of themselves during their menstrual cycle. Bolu Olorunfemi also provided the girls with essential information on menstrual hygiene, emphasising the importance of staying clean during menstruation and the significance of practising good hygiene habits.

The training also aimed to promote gender inclusivity by involving a number of boys in the process. The boys were given an opportunity to learn about menstruation and how they can be supportive of their female counterparts during their menstrual cycle.

As part of the training, each girl was provided with a menstrual kit bag to keep their reusable pads safe and clean for their next period. The kit bag included instructions on how to properly care for their pads to ensure longevity and efficacy. Moreover, the girls were given a pamphlet that provides comprehensive guidelines on menstruation and the menstrual cycle, allowing them to make informed decisions about their menstrual health and well-being.

The reusable pad training was an enlightening and empowering experience for the girls and boys who participated. With access to reusable pads, knowledge of menstrual hygiene, and a supportive community, the girls are now better equipped to manage their menstrual health. The involvement of boys also reinforces the need to educate everyone about menstruation, reducing stigma and promoting inclusivity.

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