Hope Spring eCards launches video eCards

Hope Spring eCards launches video eCards

Greetings cards can be a better way to express human emotions, love, humour, thanks, greeting and sympathy. But expressing emotions towards a loved one, family or colleague could be a lot better, by sending greetings cards that further the cause of charitable work.

Sending an ecard attached with charitable work allows us to connect on a more emotional level with the people who have touched our lives in one positive way or two.

Good news! With the newly released collection of Hope Spring birthday video eCards, sending personalized greetings permits us a variety of sentiments that allows us to express our love and care to employees, clients, family and friends. You could wish a loved one a happy birthday in a special way by personalising and sending birthday video ecards offered by Hope Spring eCards.

The collection of carefully and uniquely designed ecards was set up by Hope Spring Water Charity to help millions of people celebrate their loved ones, friends and family in a special and emotional way through the cost of stamps and envelopes. Also contributing to making the world a better place by making donations to charity funds through the cost of stamps and envelopes.


Hope Spring ecards company looks forward to making a difference on the planet and the climate and also to help people save a lot of money while uniquely celebrating loved ones by reducing “paper footprint”. The eCards company encourages less use of paper which will, in turn, reduce the impact on forests, cut energy use and climate change emissions, limit water and other pollution and produce less waste.

Hope Spring ecards are one of the best ecards platforms in the UK run by a registered Hereford-based charity. Unlike all other ecards platforms, apart from helping millions to celebrate their loved ones uniquely, Hope Spring ecards strive to make the world a better place by making donations to help the charitable project of Hope Spring Water Charity.

The money donated to the charitable fund is used to contribute to the development of African communities through the construction of boreholes, well digging and running workshops on water, hygiene and sanitization for young girls and adult women.

It is very easy to send greetings to loved ones with Hope Spring birthday ecards. All you need to do is to choose the card and make the payment. The rest of the tasks such as stamps, envelopes and trips to the local post office will be the priority of the company.

Why not try sending one to a loved one now ? all you need to do is to select your preferable card for the occasion, add a personalized message for the recipient, and proceed to add the donation and the click send.

The card gets to the recipient within the stipulated time frame and the donation made will be transferred to the charity fund. Try sending one, send their most popular video ecard; an orchestra of animals playing happy birthday tunes.