A charity ecard website announced the introduction of a brand new collection of Christmas greetings video ecards with Christmas barely more than a fortnight away. The new set of greetings ecards added to the catalogue of the charity ecards platforms are Christmas video ecards specifically for this year’s Christmas. 

The announcement of the new Christmas video ecards was made at the Hope Spring Charity office in Herefords on Wednesday 8th of December 2021, a day after the charity announced, at the same venue, the addition of new winter solstice ecards to its ever expanding ecards catalogue. 

One of the volunteer ecard designers at Hope Spring Charity eCards, Seun Olonade, while commenting on the launch of the new charity christmas video ecards, said “Christmas is a wonderful time, it is special in every way and I’m delighted to be part of the creators of these beautiful video ecards.” The young designer added that “I hope in earnest that more people send ecards this Christmas and donate generously to Hope Spring to give the charity increased capacity to fight water poverty across West africa. That is what will ultimately give meaning to my work here.”

Hope Spring Charity is a small charity that helps communities that have poor to no access to clean water in West Africa. Over the years, the charity has undertaken numerous water intervention projects that has in no small measure improved the living conditions of people in these locales with one of their main sources of funding coming from donations they received by individuals that send a charity video ecard on their ecards platform, Hope Spring eCards. 

Many charity receive generous donations during Christmas more than any other period, Hope Spring is not an exception as the trustee of the hereford-based charity, Temi Odurinde, accurately summarised it “Christmas enables us to give more people hope by giving them good health and time to engage in more productive ventures through the provision of accessible safe and clean water.”

Learn more about the charity’s WASH projects on their website or follow them on  social media and visit their ecard website to send ecards.