Hope Spring charity announced the completion of its clean water project at the Government Day Junior and Secondary School (GDJSS) in Ilorin, Nigeria. The water project, which the Hereford-based charity launched earlier this year, will solve the  water scarcity problem experienced by  students and school staff. It will also serve as a reliable source of clean water for the people of the Agbabiaka area of ​​Ilorin, the school’s host community. 

The 125 metre deep well on the  school campus is a timely solution to the water shortage challenges faced by the school and its host community. This was confirmed by the school principal, Mrs. Shuaib. She said: “The school complex consists of two schools, a high school and a middle school, and the two schools share things. The water crisis was a major challenge for our school. We usually go out to fetch water from the well mostly”.”It is a great relief for students and teachers at this time and for the community because water is life. Almost two communities will benefit  and some people in the school environment.” added Ms. Shuaib. 

The GDJSS project is the first borehole project to be completed by Hope Spring in 2022, thanks in part to donations from the  generous supporters of Hope Spring’s charity ecards.

The charity’s trustee, Temi Odurinde, thanked everyone who helped make the project a success in a post  the charity shared on its Twitter page. “I would like to thank everyone who has made the GDJSS water project a success. Starting with our wonderful eCard senders who have generously donated by sending Hope Spring eCards and special donors to our amazing volunteers for their valuable contributions. Well drilling companies who delivered on their promises All  have been  instrumental in the success of this project and I look forward to more successes in transforming lives together.” said Mr Odunride.

Earlier this year, the charity completed a well water project in  Zariagi Community, Kogi State, Nigeria. The Zariagi Community Clean Water Project has brought relief to  women and children in the community who have had to wait in line for several hours. to fetch water to meet your household needs. 

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