New data has shown that the UK started preparing for Christmas significantly earlier than usual this time. People began researching their Christmas purchases online as early as mid-July, a good five to six weeks ahead of the traditional supplement in seasonal interest linked in former times. 

 During the period 31 July to 21 October 2021, online searches for ‘Christmas lemon’ nearly doubled (up 88%) compared to the same period in 2020, a signal both of earlier and increased interest, started by captions advising of severe dearths. Searches for ‘frozen lemon crown’ jumped 294% while‘ vegetarian Christmas regale’ was over 210% and ‘vegan Christmas regale’ up by 150%. 

 And as for what people do with those catcalls, searches for ‘ lemon chef time’ went up a colossal compared to the same period last time. 

 Clothing was another area that has seen a huge jump in online interest over the same period, as people get ready for a Christmas they may formerly again spend with friends and family. Quests for ‘Christmas dresses for women’ jumped a massive 628% compared to 2020, while ‘Christmas minidresses’ was over by 69%. 

The analysis was carried out by online hunt expert MediaVision, using its personal Digital Demand Tracker tool that analyses search data from AdWords and Google Trends. 

It also found that searches during 31 July-21 Oct for ‘Christmas cards’ were over 14% (with ‘Dogs Trust Christmas cards’ up a colossal 968%) and ‘Christmas decorations’ quests rose by a quarter (27%). Searches for ‘Christmas trees’ were over 10% and ‘ out-of-door Christmas lights’ went up by 37%. 

 The nation’s love affair with man’s stylish friend shows no sign of abating with searches for ‘dog Christmas gift’ up 196% and ‘Christmas dog toys’ up a massive 275%. 

 Meanwhile, searches for ‘arrival timetables’ were over by 17% -while specific searches for ‘Hotel Chocolat arrival timetable’ further than tripled (up 214%), motioning the rise in fashionability of food- related arrival timetables and chocolate in particular. 

A decreasingly seasonal popular institution is the Christmas Request and after the disappointment of seeing numerous of them cancelled last time, quests are over across the board. Leading the pack was ‘Bath Christmas request’, up 290% on last time and with further hunt results than any other named request. Vienna came next, followed by Prague, London, Edinburgh and York in the online fashionability stakes. 

 Louis Venter, CEO at MediaVision, comments “ Our analysis of the figures shows that the UK started allowing Christmas this time a lot earlier than in 2020 and with further intent, both of which drove online search volumes. There’s no mistrustfulness this has been driven in part by the news stories about HGV motorist shortages and evacuating supermarket shelves. 

 “ Unlike 2020, when Christmas was cancelled for numerous families, this time is a chance to formally again go out and visit musketeers and family. It looks like a lot of the country is leaving nothing to chance and started its Christmas medications and shopping earlier than ever and with lesser enthusiasm.” 


 With people formerly again suitable to go out and socialise in the run-up to Christmas, the data also showed that numerous are keen to plan their Christmas parties before than ever-‘Office Christmas Party’ searches weren’t unexpectedly up 275% compared to the same period in 2020,‘ Secret Santa’ was over by 126% and searches for ‘Christmas party food’ jumped by up 147%. 


Source: MediaVision