Purematch, a dating app that aims to give a platform to unvaccinated people seeking love, has now launched worldwide. The service intends to reflect the diversity of opinion and belief across the world, giving a chance for those with controversial opinions and beliefs to meet like-minded people without fussing about any implicit counterreaction. The free online dating app is available for anyone over the age of 18, giving both teen and mature daters a chance to explore the world of love without the discussion deteriorating into arguments. 

 Politics is turning into an increasingly divisive subject in all facets of life, including dating, where a person’s choices and values can fluently be the dealbreaker for a relationship. With other apps such as Tinder and Hinge offering incentives and rewards for vaccinated users, this division is arguably growing – and leaving some behind. This is the founding dogma of Purematch, a free dating app that hopes to play matchmaker for people who, in the current climate, might struggle to find those that understand them. 

The company takes no direct poise on vaccination status, and rather believes that unvaxxed people merit to exercise their freedom of choice and freedom of speech when looking for their dating match. It indeed allows people to openly declare if they aren’t presently vaccinated on their profile without any impacts, giving them a chance to meet like-inclined people with the same or parallel beliefs. In keeping with the timely themes of the service, Purematch also has its own cryptocurrency that users earn by referring friends, and use for in-app purchases. 

Describing the new platform and what it can offer people, Stuart Hopkins, CEO, said “ With an ever- augmenting cancel culture narrative, we go against that grain and offer a platform whereby no single individual will ever be cancelled based on who they wish to meet to find love.”