After being named the winners of a national tutoring competition, Rob and Lynne Kerrison, the founders of the tutoring franchise Tutor Doctor with offices in Cambridge and Norwich, are celebrating a tremendous success. The National Tutoring Award 2023 for “Best Tuition Delivery to Schools” was given to the husband-and-wife-run business by an esteemed panel of judges at this year’s award presentation in London on June 30.

Rob said, “We are overjoyed to have received such an honorable prize. It has been an incredible 13 years thus far, and it is really gratifying to know that our collaboration with schools in and around East Anglia is being acknowledged. This is a really gratifying time for us since it allows us to have a real beneficial impact on kids, especially those who are underprivileged or may require more support. We are dedicated about providing professional tutoring solutions for schools and councils. It’s just an awesome feeling to have Tutor Doctor recognized for the work we do on the Department of Education’s National Tutoring Program in schools all throughout Cambridge and Norwich.

In order to help students around the area reach their full potential, Tutor Doctor offers one-on-one and small group tutoring in homes, classrooms, and online. Rob and Lynne’s main goal is to improve the course of children’s lives by providing them with the encouragement and individualized education they require to position them for success. Over 30 school partners and municipal authorities have received tutoring programs from the company just in this academic year. Tutor Doctor Cambridge and Norwich provide about 30,000 hours of tutoring annually with a combined team of 300 highly qualified tutors, of which about 65% are to schools and local authority clients. These students are disproportionately disadvantaged, frequently dealing with mental health issues, and unable to attend traditional schools.

“Due to our efforts over the past 13 years, we have established ourselves as East Anglia’s premier tuition company, therefore, we are beyond honored to receive such a wonderful honor, added Lynne. “When we first made the decision to join Tutor Doctor as franchisees and launch our Norwich and Cambridge divisions, all we wanted to do was truly impact as many kids as we could. Without a doubt, this would not have been possible without our incredible team. Our committed support staff and incredibly hard-working tutors have helped us expand our business and constantly provide the high-quality service that our customers and students have come to expect from us.

The Tutors’ Association sponsors the second annual National Tutoring Awards, which highlight the caliber and variety of expert tutors and tuition companies. They seek out people and organizations that can show how they have significantly improved students’ chances in life and academic success, and they tirelessly help students both domestically and abroad.

According to their four guiding principles of being “local, friendly, professional, and flexible,” Rob and Lynne “demonstrated an extraordinary dedication to delivering quality tuition at scale,” according to John Nichols, President of The Tutors’ Association. Their strategy for providing instruction in collaboration with schools pleased the judges by being extremely well-structured and organized while also providing a high degree of adaptability to each school’s and student’s needs, which was supported by the referees’ comments. Their example of ongoing innovation, communication, and improvement made it crystal evident how school administrators were well-supported in implementing highly effective educational initiatives.

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