Engage Consulting is pleased to share that it has been a steadfast sponsor of the Women’s Utilities Network (WUN) since 2019. This partnership demonstrates Engage Consulting’s dedication to supporting diversity and developing women in the utilities industry. Engage Consulting and WUN hope that their combined efforts will promote equality, inspire change, and promote inclusivity.

The Women’s Utility Network (WUN) was founded in 2018 by forward-thinking women who understood the urgent need for greater representation and opportunity for women in the utilities sector. Women currently make up only 19% of the workforce in this industry, despite modest growth. WUN works to change this environment by fostering a lively community where women can interact, support one another, grow, and be inspired.

With a membership that is quickly reaching 5,000 people, WUN has grown into a powerful movement. The network supports women in the utilities industry with priceless resources, such as monthly events and a free mentoring program. Their goal is to create a sector for utilities where women can work, live, and develop while guaranteeing equal chances for everyone.

Engage Consulting immediately saw the importance of WUN’s goal and the potential seismic shifts it could bring about in the utilities industry. Engage Consulting has been a long-time collaborator and has contributed significantly to the empowerment of women in the sector.

WUN’s co-founder and director, Hayley Monks, shares her happiness about the ongoing collaboration. “I’m thrilled that Engage Consulting will keep working with WUN. They have assisted us in partnership and at events ever since the network’s inception, and we look forward to strengthening our relationship.

The dedication of Engage Consulting to WUN’s mission of diversity and equality in the utilities industry has not changed. Both organizations seek to impact good change, increase their influence, and enable women to succeed in the profession through their continued relationship.

“At Engage Consulting, we are truly honored to sustain our enduring partnership with the Women’s Utilities Network (WUN),” declares John Peters, Managing Director of Engage Consulting. The purpose of WUN is well complemented by our ongoing dedication to supporting diversity and empowering women in the utilities sector. Together, we will tenaciously promote change, broaden our sphere of influence, and build a world where equitable opportunities are abundant.

The Women’s Utilities Network’s unwavering support from Engage Consulting demonstrates their commitment to improving diversity and gender equality. They have had a real impact on empowering women and building an inclusive industry by actively participating in collaborative initiatives and events.

Both organizations are sure that as their cooperation with Engage Consulting and WUN grows, they will persuade more people to support their cause. Together, they will develop a sector of the utilities industry that gives everyone the same chances.