Dry season in Africa, which starts around the same time as the Autumn season in the UK is one of the most challenging times for water poor communities in Africa.  From around October-November, the water table falls, water sources from shallow bases dries up, putting pressure on already scarce water.

According to to Hope Spring Water charity trustee, Temi Odurinde dry season also presents some opportunities.  “This is the best time to drill boreholes and construct water wells,” he said.   “Drilling during the dry season meant heavy drilling equipment can be moved into place easily. This is not the case during the rainy season, where the ground is soft, HGV used for drilling tends to get stuck in the mud on untarred roads, that usually lead to communities water is needed the most”. 

Mr Odurinde added that “a bigger benefit of new water projects in the dry season is that well and boreholes constructed during this period tend to provide water all year round, because they tend to be much deeper than well and boreholes constructed in wet season”.

Hope Spring water, a Hereford based clean water advocacy charity announced the projects it will be working on in the last quarter of 2021 from their office in Cast Green on Monday the 13th of September 2021.   The charity which raises money in the UK to fund its project in Africa is also preparing for the last quarter of the year in the UK. It’s main preparation is getting its charity ecard platform ready, to market it’s popular business Christmas charity ecards

You can follow Hope Spring water social media pages, to find out more about their dry season water project plans and to read more about the various water, sanitation and hygiene projects.