Diwali, also known as the Festival of Light, is a very popular holiday in India and in other parts of South-Asian countries. The festival (Diwali) is celebrated over many days, however the celebration takes a significant dimension and it is at its peak on one big final day with this year’s grand finale falling on Thursday, the 4th of November,2021.


To join our British South-Asians friends in celebrating Diwali and ensure sending of Diwali greetings and wishes is smooth and hassle-free, Hope Spring eCard has created and designed a new collection of Diwali eCards and Video eCards. The chief icon of Diwali, Diya, which is said to symbolise enlightenment and wisdom, features in almost all the eCard designs. 


Speaking on the launch of this new set of Diwali eCards, Hope Spring trustee Temi Odurinde urges supporters of his charity specifically and the general public at large to send a Diwali Video eCard to their friends, relatives or colleagues who celebrate Diwali to wish them Happy Diwali. He added that “though sending an eCard may not be among the traditional ways or mediums via which the great festival is celebrated in the region where the festival originated, it is a creative British spin on Diwali, which could significantly help broadcast the message of the holiday”.


In 2020, Hope Spring eCards created its first Diwali ecards, with about half a dozen ecards sent that period. The charity is confident that many more Diwali ecards will be sent this year, and their optimism is buoyed by the fact that a new set of video eCards have been added to the collection they have this year. Video and animated ecards are very popular with users compared to the static ecards.


To send a Diwali ecard visit Hope Spring eCards LinkedIn page, their website or any of their social media pages.