The Human Rights Heroes conference and festival, organized annually by the Nobel Peace Center, the public face of the Nobel Peace Prize, began today. Global experience innovation consultant Designit handled all aspect of the brand experience’s conceptualization, design, and implementation.

The Nobel Peace Center’s annual conference and festival, which takes place in Oslo, Norway, is one of its signature events. The hybrid event, which draws Nobel laureates, academics, advocates for human rights, and leaders in humanitarianism from all over the world, is themed each year based on the recipient of the Peace Prize from the preceding year.

DesignIts mandate for the project required it to create a unifying brand for the festival and conference, under which the yearly themes are grouped. Furthermore, the Designit team extended and expressed the annual theme and brand to all visual components and the whole conference experience. They also provided creative support.

Niklas Mortensen, Nordic Managing Director of Designit, said on the project: “The Nobel Peace Prize is an accolade that is recognized all over the world. Your mind quickly conjures up pictures of the luminaries who have won the prize in the past when you hear those words, including great thinkers and humanitarians. The organization’s other activities, particularly its yearly festival and conference that promote information exchange and conversation for peace, are less well recognized.

We have worked on the last four conferences while serving as the Nobel Peace Center’s design partner for a number of years. We discovered through our close collaboration that, despite the events’ yearly shift in topics to honor the Peace Prize recipient, it might be difficult to portray a consistent image when each event is so different from the last. Our annual contribution of our visual and experiential expertise to help them bring their themes to life eventually led to the development of a comprehensive brand for the occasion. This was done with the intention of making the event itself distinct from other programs offered by the Nobel Peace Center.

The Nobel Peace Center’s Hege stmo, Head of Brand and Sponsorships, continued, “Designit has been an excellent partner to us because of its knowledge of our message, the care they take to take into account for the delicate subjects we frequently discuss, and the high caliber of its consulting.

Our annual festival and conference is a crucial component of our outreach; it is free and open to the public so that everyone can go and witness the incredible things that ordinary people are doing to change the world. With the help of Designit, we now have an identity to use for this.

The Nobel Peace Conference and Festival of this year took place in Oslo, Norway, on August 31. The free event, which revolves around the idea of human rights heroes, includes lectures from Nobel Peace Prize winners. You can view the entire event at