Engage Consulting is happy to have sponsored the Fuel Bank Foundation and has recently donated £1000 to enable it to continue its essential work amid the current cost-of-living crisis in the UK. This is all part of our continued commitment to corporate social responsibility.

People who lack heat, light, or power in their homes because they are unable to afford to top off their prepaid gas and/or electricity meters can receive emergency assistance from the Fuel Bank Foundation.

The foundation was started by npower in 2015 and has already assisted more than 650,000 people in the UK. A fuel voucher is given to eligible households, which they can use to top off their prepayment meters.

In order to avoid future energy service disconnections, people are also given objective advice that they can put into practice.

The Fuel Bank Foundation collaborates with about 200 organizations, including local councils, food banks, charities, community interest companies, and organizations from the community—often the first places that people in need turn for assistance.

Managing Director of Engage Consulting John Peters declares: “At Engage, we understand the significance of the Fuel Bank Foundation. It’s critical that people are aware of a resource they may rely on in times of need because many regions of the country are currently going through an unprecedented crisis related to the cost of living.

For people of all ages, having a reliable source of heat, light, and electricity is essential, therefore I hope that our donation will continue the Foundation’s good work.

“We are tremendously appreciative for the donation from Engage Consulting,” said Matthew Cole, executive director of the Fuel Bank Foundation. “Like many businesses, community organizations, and groups, Engage Consulting felt prompted to give to the Fuel Bank in order to help people less fortunate than themselves. Fuel poverty has come to light as a result of the cost of living problem and rising energy prices, which has increased public awareness of the difficulties faced by those with lower incomes and led to thousands of donations. I want to express my gratitude to Engage on behalf of the charity for its assistance.