The 3 C’s unite for your advent delight – Chutney, Cheese, and Crackers!

Product Story

Back in December 2019, we released our first Cheese Advent Calendar.

Its first advent  version became a brand new idea to our Chuckling clients, however one they welcomed with a cheese knife in hand. Directors, Emma and Stuart, quickly determined how famous this object may want to be.

Since 2019, The Chuckling Cheese has worked hard with its clients, to make sure every year the advent calendar evolves to symbolize the developing Chuckling community.

2021 is the year the advent calendar calendar could have a shakeup. We listened to our dependable clients and took them to the closing introduction cheeseboard selection.

This year’s advent will include eight flavours of cheese throughout 12 days, those can be followed through 6 days of mini crackers and six days of mini chutneys! Yes, that’s something new every day. Giving you a danger to make yourself a mini cheese board two times a week! But we’ve stored the first-rate for last.

There will now no longer be 6 chutneys and six biscuits with 12 mini truckles of cheese, however one of the mini truckles can be our new festive flavour for 2021…Pigs in Blankets! A smokey bacon flavoured cheese that is creamy, indulgent, and packed completely of flavour (it is vegetarian too!).


Selling Points/taglines

– 12 days of Cheese – PLUS New, festive flavour of cheese!

– Literally #notjustcheese, this has the whole lot you want to make a festive cheese board – Just carry your knife and festive cheese board.

– Dreaming of a Cheesy Christmas? Munchie at The Chuckling Cheese Company will display you a way to get the maximum of this cheese holiday! Starting with 24 days of cheese, chutney and biscuits.

Release Date

Available to pre-order now. All pre-orders positioned earlier than 23.59pm on Monday 18th October will get hold of a FREE, complete size, festive flavoured cheese truckle (it is able to also be our NEW cheese!) Advents can be had in keep and on line from the stop of October. Pre-ordered advents can be dispatched from 1st November.


Source: The Chuckling Cheese Company