Hope Spring eCards have launched their Valentine’s Day Video eCards. Announcing the launch of more than two dozen ecards, their online marketing manager Evgeniy Garkaviy said “this is the first time we are adding video ecards to our range of Valentines Day ecards, we are very excited by the launch and we hope our users are excited too”.  He added that the organisations has been working on the video ecards for several months.

The ecards were added to the platform’s ecards offering, so that their users and the general public can send a video ecard to each other,  on the so-called lovers day: 14th of February. Revenue generated by the Valentine’s Day video ecards is used exclusively to fund clean water projects in Africa.

February 14th of every year remains important on the calendar, allowing people to appreciate and celebrate their loved ones – spouse, siblings, and friends. However, the team at Hope Spring eCards is looking to spice things up a little, offering people a unique way of showing their love with a range of Valentine’s Day Video eCards.

Each video ecard from Hope Spring eCards contains humorous yet thought-provoking and touching words to pass the desired message to the recipient. The Valentine’s Day video ecards offer a new and exciting way to celebrate in 2021, allowing senders to customize the message. It also allows customers to send a charity ecard and reach out to the needy.

For more information about the Valentine’s Day Video eCards and other fantastic cards from Hope Spring eCards, please visit – https://ecards.hopespring.org.uk/. Hope Spring eCards also has a relatively strong presence on several social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.

About Hope Spring eCards

Hope Spring eCards is an ecard platform founded to raise funds for the Hope Spring Water charity. Headquartered in Hereford, England, Hope Spring eCards works as a water, sanitation, and hygiene poverty alleviation NGO. The organisation helps hundreds of families across Africa to access clean, safe drinking water. Their sanitation and hygiene work help prevent deadly diseases such as COVID-19 and other diseases that can be prevented by good hygiene.