Hope Spring charity eCards informed the general public yesterday that it now has an increased capacity to meet the requests of small and mid-sized businesses for business charity Christmas  ecards in placed of traditional paper cards in a concerted effort to reduce carbon released to the atmosphere from the activities of producing paper cards. The announcement of the launching of a new set of Christmas ecards specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses was made on Thursday, 14th of October, 2021 at Hope Spring water charity headquarters in Hereford.  

The new set of ecards are specifically designed for small to medium-sized businesses and organizations that want to send Christmas/end-of-the-year greeting ecards instead of traditional paper cards to their customers, staff and other business contacts. 

Speaking on the introduction of the new ecards, a social media volunteer with the charity ecard platform, Seun Olonade said “last year we had many requests more than we could accommodate from businesses that wanted to make donations by sending Hope spring’s business charity Christmas ecards and subsequently donate to our charity to help support our water projects. Our inability to meet those requests was largely due to the fact that our platform was designed for individuals.”

Ms Olonade, who was speaking from the Hope Spring Charity headquarters in Castle Green in Hereford added “I am delighted to further make it known that our Hope Spring ecards platform can now accommodate the requests from businesses for Christmas ecards. Modifications have been made to the platform to ensure smooth and easy sending of Christmas ecards to contacts by small to medium-sized businesses and other organisations.”

The business Christmas  eCards  consist of a new set of cards, specifically designed for small to mid-sized businesses. The cards on offer were boosted by the addition of 20 ecards from Hope Spring back catalogue. This is to ensure that businesses have a wide range of choices in sending christmas greetings digitally to their business contacts. 

The business charity Christmas ecards collection is now available for pre-order on Hope Spring eCards website. You can  find more information about the charity and  these new fundraisings on their social media pages and their website.