Every one of us has experienced having unexpected visitors drop by while the house is far from tidy. It’s understandable that most of us don’t want to spend our summer cleaning our homes because the days are longer, the weather is generally beautiful, and nighttime barbecues are calling. And after spending so much time and effort on a thorough spring clean, spending hours cleaning our homes from top to bottom can feel like an even bigger task than usual.

So how can you manage your cleaning without having it interfere with your summertime plans? Chris Wootton, Managing Director of Poppies and a cleaning specialist, gives his eight best suggestions for making your summer quick, simple, and easy to manage.

The term we hear the most is “spring cleaning,” which refers to the yearly deep clean that involves digging into every nook and cranny of the house to make sure every surface is spotless. The’ summer clean’ is the less popular but equally significant next stage to keeping your home in top condition. It’s all about upkeep rather than performing yet another thorough clean. The next seasonal deep clean will be less onerous the more you maintain during the summer months. Rely on us.

Here are our top eight suggestions for an effortless summer clean.

1. Focus on the shared areas initially

Making the most frequented places your focus makes sure your home is always party-ready. It’s always a good idea to start in the living room, kitchen, or any other space where you frequently welcome guests.

2. Empty your trashcans

Make sure the inside of your bin is clean and fresh to prevent polluting your home with foul odors because warm weather may really bring out those unpleasant odors.

3. Clean the refrigerator and freezer thoroughly.

Similar to how odors from the fridge may spread quickly throughout your entire home. Spend some time getting rid of anything that is beyond its prime to create way for some nice fresh food or freezer-friendly treats.

4. Every day, sweep and clean the kitchen counters.

With young children nearby, this one is especially crucial. Clean countertops are a wonderful strategy to keep opportunistic visitors out of your kitchen because you don’t want to extend an open invitation to all those summery pests.

5. Pay attention to the restrooms

The typical indicator of a clean home is a clean bathroom. Regular bathroom cleaning, even if it only entails scrubbing the toilets and wiping the surfaces, ensures that visitors are always greeted by a clean, hygienic, gleaming space. They’ll probably presume that includes the areas of your house they weren’t able to see as well.

6. Clean up your grill.

We are aware of how frustrating it may be to plan, shop for, and prepare for a BBQ only to discover that you forgot to clean it after the last time you used it. Cleaning the BBQ when it’s not needed may seem laborious, but you’ll be glad you did it afterwards.

7. Consistently dust

Dusty windows, windowsills, and work surfaces don’t benefit from sunny weather in the least. Every speck will drive you crazy once you notice it because as soon as the sun hits it, it becomes much more obvious. Regular dusting helps to keep surfaces clean and shining so you may enjoy your home without regretting not having done it earlier.

8. Pay attention to the floors, especially if you have visitors.

Although vacuuming isn’t everyone’s favorite task, there’s no doubting that a clean carpet, as well as sweeping and mopping hardwood, tiled, or linoleum flooring, may significantly improve how your home feels. Keep those floors clean, and visitors won’t mind removing their shoes inside your house!

Cleaning is never simple to stay on top of, so during busiest seasons of the year, it frequently becomes the first item to go. If you split it down into regular, reasonable portions, it won’t seem as intimidating again. This is better than overcomplicating it or delaying the clean until it grows much larger than it has to. The summer clean will become your new secret weapon with maintenance and careful planning.

As an alternative, you can seek the assistance of a qualified expert to maintain your home tidy. Please visit the Poppies website to learn more about the services offered in your area.