Data unveiled today has predicted that the UK’s premier electronics and tech brands are going to see online search volumes decline around Black Friday this time when compared to 2020. Search volumes for Apple are predicted to fall by 13.8%, quests for Currys PC World are set to drop by 22.8% and Samsung will see search volumes fall by 8.9%. 


 Searches for Xbox store and PlayStation store are also set to fall, by 22% and a colossal 48.6%, independently compared to last time. 

The analysis was carried out by online hunt expert MediaVision, using the personal Digital Demand Tracker tool that analyses search data from AdWords and Google Trends. 


It used a combination of machine learning and data science to extrapolate likely search terms, volumes and trends for the period 1 Nov-5 Dec 2021, grounded on the once four months of online searches as well as Black Friday search patterns over the once three times. It found that searches for the term‘ Black Friday Are formerly over by 11% compared to 2020. 

By comparison to the consumer electronics sector, it read that searches for over-and- coming fashion brands like‘ Lavish Alice’ ( search volumes predicted up by 223%) and ‘Phase Eight’ (up by 121%) will soar. 


 High road fashion icons Coming ( over 14.3%) and Zara ( over 36.7%) are also predicted to see search volumes rise, although epidemic success story Boohoo ( down 21.8%) is set to see lower interest than in 2020. 

This suggests that Manchester-born Lavish Alice is one to watch this Black Friday, with triadic- number growth predicted as demand ascends for womenswear seen on the likes of Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner. Phase Eight could also enjoy a swell in demand, with the High Street brand formerly making captions for its cooperation with M&S. 


 These predictions should be seen in the environment of the explosion in online exertion during the epidemic. In the UK alone, new e-commerce businesses launched between 1 April 2020 and 31st July 2021. 

 Still, some of the most prominent players in online roster retail are also predicted to see a decline in Black Friday demand this time Amazon is predicted to see hunt volumes fall by 19% and Argos by 23.4%. Implicit reasons include a more competitive and logged request, paperback hesitancy, complications around product availability, the delivery motorist failure and logistical issues. 


 There’s also growing sentiment among shoppers to support original and lower online retailers 

post-pandemic, with a big focus on sustainability, reduced packaging and buying from independents. 


 Louis Venter, CEO at MediaVision, comments “ Last time saw a massive increase in demand for home-working and rest technology on Black Friday and it looks like 2021 will see a correction. Numerous of us have formerly bought our game consoles, smartphones and tablets and are n’t on the lookout for a new bone. 

“ Still, the data predicts that some of the UK’s over-and- coming independent fashion brands, particularly those who are ecommerce natives or have an established online presence, are set to see a real swell in interest over Black Friday this time. 


 “Lessening restrictions and a return to the office means we ’ll be seeing further interest in clothes for outside the home, both workwear and party vesture. It’s set to be an instigative time for the UK fashion industry after 18 grueling months.” 


Source: MediaVision