In its sustainability report for 2023, BioPak declares that business has reached a significant charity milestone.

Since the company’s founding, the ‘Give Back Fund’ at BioPak has provided more than £2.2 million to charitable organizations. BioPak is committed to giving a portion of its profits as a profit-for-purpose company to programs that promote social and environmental repair. These projects in the UK include giving thousands of meals to the Worcester foodbank and working with Ecologi to plant over 99,000 trees.

The influence that BioPak’s packaging has had over the past year is also included in the company’s report. This includes planting 31,659 trees, avoiding 22,721 tonnes of plastic, 118,036 tonnes of carbon emissions, and donating 169,355 meals.

Additionally, there are figures for the business’s Compost Connect program, which has so far prevented over 4,000 tonnes of garbage from going to the landfill, produced 2,800 tonnes of compost, and sequestered and prevented over 2,000 tonnes of carbon. The project to promote composting is already well-established in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, and it will make its debut in Singapore later this year.

BioPak’s CEO, Gary Smith, stated: “We’re pleased to report on our most recent progress in the 2023 Sustainability Report. I believe that we continue to set the standard in our sector for how to act in a way that is sustainable for both the business and the environment.

“However, we’re not resting on our laurels, we know that there is more we must do, and we’ve outlined numerous plans in our report to make BioPak even more sustainable – whether it’s through innovative new product materials, the significant expansion of our compost connect initiative, or the launch of new plastic-free products,” the company said in the report.

The World Star Packaging Gold Sustainability Excellence Award, the 7-11 Sustainability Excellence Award, and the McDonald’s Japan Sustainability Award were all won by BioPak earlier this year. Additionally, BioPak received a global B Corp Certification, which for the first time covered the UK operations.

BioPak is prioritizing engagement with local food and drink businesses to properly prepare them in becoming compliant before the ban, which is scheduled to take effect in the UK in October of this year.

Visit the business’ website at to view the most recent Sustainability Report from BioPak.